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Steveston Village Conservation Program

In 2009, the City of Richmond approved an innovative conservation program in Steveston Village. For a brief summary, please follow the link to the Planning Bulletin below:

PDF Document Steveston Village Conservation Bulletin: Planning 01
PDF Document Steveston Village Conservation Bulletin: Planning 02

To view the complete Steveston Village Conservation Program, please follow the links below.

Steveston Village Conservation Program Study Documents
May 2006 to June 2009. Presented to Council April 27, 2009 with Final Adoption June 22, 2009.

The components of the Steveston Village Conservation Program (SVCP) are outlined in the following report to Council:
PDF Document SVCS - Report to Council

Staff propose to bring the SVCP to Council on Monday, April 27, 2009:
PDF Document Summary of the SVCP (Attachment 1)
PDF Document Steveston Village Conservation Strategy (Attachment 2)

Steveston Village Implementation Program (Attachments 3-10) which includes:
PDF Document Generic Heritage Conservation Tool Kit For BC Municipalities with templates (Attachment 3)

PDF Document A Steveston Village Heritage Conservation Tool Kit which includes short and long term model “Shelf Ready” tools4) (Attachment 4) including:

  • A model new “Steveston Village Conservation (SC) District,” A model Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA),
  • A model Heritage Conservation Covenant (for buildings and land),
  • A model Heritage Conservation Covenant (for landscaping),
  • A model Resolution Authorizing Heritage Inspection,
  • A model Heritage Permissive Tax Exemptions By-law,
  • A model Revitalization Permissive Tax Exemption By-law,

PDF Document Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada, Parks Canada (Attachment 5)

PDF Document The Steveston Village Heritage Conservation Grant Program (Attachment 6)

PDF Document Heritage Bylaws for Immediate Approval (Attachment 7):

PDF Document Steveston Area Plan Amendment Bylaw 8403 - Steveston Area Plan Bylaw 7100 Schedule 2.4 (Attachment 8)

PDF Document Zoning Amendment Bylaw 8404, “Steveston Commercial (Two-Storey) District (C4)” (Attachment 9) Zoning Amendment Bylaw 8405, “Steveston Commercial (Three-Storey) District (C5)” (Attachment 10)

Current Key Steveston Village Conservation Program Documents

PDF Document SVCS - Attachment 2 - Conservation Strategy
PDF Document Steveston Area Plan adopted June 22, 2009
PDF Document Steveston Commercial Zoning Schedules
PDF Document Heritage Alteration Permit Application
PDF Document Heritage Revitalization Agreement Application

For further information please contact the Heritage Planner at 604-276-4000.