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Heritage Inventory Overview

Criteria or Explanation of Fields

Besides the GENERAL INFORMATION, the two areas that are shown on the summary document of the Inventory are the STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE (including the Description of the Heritage Site, the Statement of Heritage Values and the Character Defining Elements) and the HISTORY. These are included as they are the most useful pieces of information for most users.

The statement of significance is required for a resource to be included on the Canadian Register of Historic Places. The three elements that comprise the Statement of Significance explain what the formal recognition applies to, why the place is important or significant and which principal features of the historic place speak directly to its heritage value and should be protected.

The detailed inventory contains additional information on the ARCHITECTURAL SIGNIFICANCE (including Architectural Style, Building Type, Name of Architect or Builder, Design Feature and Construction Method), LANDSCAPE SIGNIFICANCE (including Landscape Element, Design Style, Designer/Creator, Design Attributes and Construction Method) INTEGRITY (including Alterations, Original Location, and Condition) and DOCUMENTATION (including Evaluated by and date, Photographer Name and date and documentation).

Together, all of these records combine to form the data and reasons that a particular resource is included on Richmond's Heritage Inventory.