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Heritage Inventory Overview

What is the Heritage Inventory?
The Inventory is a database of the important heritage resources in Richmond. It can include anything of a physical, cultural or social nature that is unique to and valued by a community that can be passed from generation to generation.

When was the Heritage Inventory Completed?

Heritage Inventories for Richmond were completed in 1984 and 1989. In 1999, the Heritage Commission initiated a process to update the 1989 Heritage Inventory. The first step in this process was to redefine the criteria for including a resource on the Inventory and the Inventory update was completed by 2002.

With the new Federal Historic Place Initiative, announced in 2003, statements of significance (SOSs) were prepared for all of the resources in the Inventory in order to ensure that Richmond's evaluations are consistent with the federal and provincial standards. This document now includes those SOSs. Additions and deletions will continue to be made to the Inventory.

Why is something included on the Heritage Inventory?
There are many reasons for including a resource on the Heritage Inventory. It can be important because of its association with an important person, event or historical trend. It could demonstrate or illustrate a particular period in Richmond's history. It could be something beautiful or unique that is valued by the community.

To be included on the Heritage Inventory an Evaluation Worksheet is filled out for every resource to describe its specific characteristics and heritage value based on specific criteria.

How is the Heritage Inventory Used?
The Heritage Inventory is a database of the most important historical sites in Richmond. The Inventory documents these important sites, helps to increase awareness about Richmond's past, and serves as a research tool. It does not result in designation of a property and cannot force property owners to save a resource.


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