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Heritage Commission

The Heritage Commission is a body of nine members of the public appointed by Council to advise them on heritage conservation and promotion matters and to undertake and provide support for activities that benefit heritage in the City of Richmond.

The members are appointed on the basis of their interest in local heritage conservation, architecture and planning, building construction, business or economic development, tourism and history.

Liaisons from Council and City staff are appointed to work with the Commission.

Terms of Reference
The Commission is appointed for the purpose of:
  1. advising Council on heritage conservation and promotion matters; and
  2. undertaking and providing support for such activities as benefit and provide for the advancement of heritage in the City.
The duties of the Commission are as follows:
  1. to review and submit recommendations on land use and planning matters which have heritage implications;
  2. to assist staff to maintain heritage inventories or registers;
  3. to recommend strategies and policies, and undertake programs for the support of heritage conservation;
  4. to liaise with the community;
  5. to recruit volunteers for specific Commission projects;
  6. to support heritage education and public awareness through programs such as Heritage Week displays, newsletters and a Heritage Recognition Program;
  7. to prepare a work program and an annual report;
  8. to prepare annual financial statements and budgets;
  9. to manage the operations of the Commission and other Commission budgets as required;
  10. to review and submit recommendations on the City's capital and operational budgets with regard to heritage; and
  11. to raise funds and pursue partnerships for the support of conservation and promotion of heritage.

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