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Completed Planning Projects

2041 Official Community Plan Update

2041 Official Community Plan Bylaw 9000 Richmond Greenway
After 3 years in the making, Council adopted the new 2041 OCP Bylaw 9000 on November 19, 2012.

Main Studies and Community Engagement
In June 2009, Council directed that the 1999 OCP be updated to 2041 and approved a range of OCP background studies.  The OCP was made possible by the extensive participation of residents, business owners, stakeholders (e.g., Richmond School Board, YVR, Port Metro Vancouver, Urban Development Institute), community groups and the City's Advisory Committees.  The process involved three major rounds of community consultation beginning in November 2009 with over 30 public open houses over the 2 1/2 year period, City-wide surveys and online discussion forums. 

The following are links to the various reports related to the 2041 Official Community Plan and public consultation findings on various topics.

PDF Document   2041 OCP Staff Report

PDF Document   Burkeville and Edgemere Granny Flat and Coach House Display Boards

PDF Document   Third Round Public Consultation Findings (September 2011)

PDF Document   Second Round of Public Consultation Findings (April 2011)

PDF Document   OCP Update Concept (April 2011)

PDF Document   First Round Public Consultation Results & Next Steps (May 2010)

PDF Document   Official Community Plan (2041) Update (September 2009)

Main Studies for the OCP Update
Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA) Management Strategy
Typical natural areas found in Richmond are our river shorelines, waterways, wetlands, bogs, woodlots and marshes. The study ensures that our ESA inventory is up to date, has identified new areas to be added to the inventory and provided strategies to improve the way they will be protected in the future.  ESA's are legal areas and ESA Map is part of the OCP.

PDF Document  2012 ESA Management Strategy Overview Report

PDF Document  2012 ESA Management Strategy Background Technical Report

PDF Document  Proposed 2012 ESA Map Book Index

PDF Document  Proposed 2012 ESA Map Book

PDF Document  2012 ESA Management Strategy Summary of Public Consultation

PDF Document  Methodology to Update the OCP ESA's

Demographic and Employment Study
The City developed a comprehensive city wide population, dwelling unit and employment projections study to 2041.  The results can be viewed below:

PDF Document  Demographic Housing and Employment Projections Study

Employment Lands Strategy
Employment lands include all lands that are used for business and jobs. They include commercial, office, industrial, institutional and agricultural lands. The study has helped identify how much employment land the City will need to meet its' growing business and employment needs to 2041.

PDF Document  
Employment Lands Strategy

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets, Policies and Actions
As part of the City's Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP), Council approved a community Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction target of 33% below 2007 levels by 2020 to satisfy Provincial Legislation. 

PDF Document  Proposed Greenhouse Gas Emission Production Target

Moving Towards a More Sustainable Richmond
The City has updated the Official Community Plan to reflect a move toward a more sustainable Richmond. The most commonly understood definition of "sustainable development" is:

"Development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Richmond defines sustainable development as development that strengthens social institutions and values, enables a vibrant, innovative and resource efficient economy, and protects and enhances ecological resources to ensure that these continue to provide valuable services for all.

At the core of Richmond's drive towards sustainability is the understanding that in order to provide future generations with healthy social, economic and environmental systems, the City must look for new, sustainable strategies for maintaining Richmond's high standard of living. Exploring new sustainability strategies and identifying those which inspire is what the Official Community Plan is about.

For more information on sustainability, please visit the City's Sustainability webpages.