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Advisory Committee

An Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC) was appointed by City Council in mid-2003. The nine member committee consists of five representatives from the Richmond Farmers Institute, two members from the general farming community, one member from the Advisory Committee on the Environment, and one member from the community-at-large.

Members are selected on the basis of their involvement and knowledge of local farming conditions and commitment to maintaining long-term agricultural viability in Richmond.

Liaisons from Council and City Staff are appointed to work with the AAC.

The AAC is appointed to:

  1. Provide advice (e.g., information, options and recommendations) to City Council on agricultural issues (e.g. farm community, land use, diversification, constraints, urban-rural issues, servicing, etc.) of concern to the community.

  2. Advise and assist City Council and City staff in implementing the Richmond Agricultural Viability Strategy with assistance from the Land Reserve Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food;

  3. Work in conjunction with City staff regarding submissions to other levels of government;

  4. Review and comment from the agricultural viability perspective on issues, plans and specific development applications referred by staff or Council;

  5. Promote awareness, education, consensus and partnerships of agricultural issues in Richmond; and

  6. Review the mandate of the AAC every year and recommend any changes deemed necessary.