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Transportation Planning

City Centre Transportation Plan

Improving Traffic Flow at City Centre Waterfront
Strategic Objectives of River Road Realignment
The realignment of River Road is a key component of the City Centre Area Plan in support of the vision for this area of improving public open space and access to the river by establishing and extending the Middle Arm Waterfront Park.  The River Road right-of-way between Hollybridge Way and Gilbert Road has been closed to traffic and will be converted to public open space.  The dyke, together with that section of the former River Road, will be raised as part of the City's dyke upgrade initiatives.

Temporary Nature of River Road Alignment
The realignment of River Road consists of a new temporary roadway immediately east of Gilbert Road and just south of the Dinsmore Bridge.  This road transition is necessary to maintain network continuity and accommodate existing traffic flows in the interim.  Ultimately, this temporary road connection will be replaced by a new four-lane arterial roadway along the former CP Rail corridor to the north, which is expected to be completed within the next five to seven years with some sections potentially phased in sooner.

PDF Document Future Road Network Plan (Map): the new River Road alignment and other key road network improvements that will be implemented in the next one to five years to support the anticipated growth development in the area are illustrated in this map and listed in the table below.

Road Improvement Estimated Timing
Lansdowne Road Extension: Minoru Blvd - Alderbridge Way

 1-2 years

Elmbridge Way Extension: No. 3 Road - Minoru Blvd

 1-2 years

Gilbert Road Widening (4-lanes): Lansdowne Road - Dinsmore Bridge

 2-3 years

River Road Widening (4-lanes): Hollybridge Way - Gilbert Rd

 2-3 years

Minoru Blvd Extension: Alderbridge Way - former CP Rail Corridor 

 2-4 years

Cedarbridge Way Extension: Alderbridge Way-former CP Rail Corridor 

 2-4 years

New Pearson Way: new road between Hollybridge Way and Gilbert Road that intersects with Hollybridge Way (north and south of River Road) and River Road

 3-4 years

Hollybridge Way Realignment: direct connection of northern section to Lansdowne Road 

 3-4 years

Hollybridge Way Realignment: direct connection of southern section to Pearson Way

 3-4 years

River Road Extension: Gilbert Road-Cambie Road (some sections potentially phased in sooner)

 5-7 years

Measures to Improve Traffic Flow along Temporary Alignment
Since the opening of the River Road realignment in August 2014, a number of measures have implemented to improve traffic flow including:

  • installation of additional directional signage
  • changeable message signs
  • traffic signal timing adjustments

Further measures to be implemented by the end of 2014 to improve overall traffic operations of the River Road-Gilbert Road intersection include:

  • overhead directional lane use sign for eastbound motorists on River Road
  • directional signage for westbound motorists on River Road
  • pavement marking adjustments to increase left-turn capacity for east approach
  • vehicle detection for southbound traffic to detect excessive queues and enable extension of the green phase of the traffic signal.

On-going measures include continued optimization of traffic signal coordination along Gilbert Road and real-time monitoring via video cameras of the intersection performance.

Update of City Centre Transportation Plan
The update of the City Centre Area Plan (CCAP) was completed in July 2008 with adoption of the Plan in 2009. In conjunction with the CCAP update, an update to the City Centre Transportation Plan (CCTP), first adopted in 1997, was a necessary complement and was completed in co-ordination with the CCAP in July 2008. The CCTP update builds upon the key objectives of the PDF Document 1997 CCTP to foster a more balanced transportation system that emphasizes transit, cycling and walking as the preferred modes to meet future travel demand. The updated CCTP will be used as a guiding document defining in detail the transportation plan components, their phasing plans and funding mechanisms to achieve the vision and ultimate build-out of the city core area.

Phase 1 - Creating a Transportation Vision
CCTP Vision - Resized CoverIn February 2007, potential key features of the CCTP Vision were identified and presented for public comment and feedback. In July 2007, City Council endorsed in principle the draft CCTP Vision. In December 2007, City Council approved the final CCTP Vision, which can be summarized as:

Sustainable mobility for a liveable, appealing and viable downtown.

PDF Document CCTP Update - Creating a Transportation Vision

Phase 2 - Developing an Implementation Strategy
Phase 2 was the development of an implementation strategy that identified the requirements, priority and potential timing of transportation improvement projects that will build towards the Vision. This work was completed in Summer 2008 and incorporated into the PDF Document Implementation & Phasing Strategies of the completed CCAP.


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