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Transportation Planning

10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transit and Transportation

Mayors’ Council Plan for Transit and Transportation
The Mayors’ Council Plan calls for $7.5 billion to be invested in transit and transportation improvements over the next 10 years. The plan is intended to address existing and future congestion that impacts the flow of people and goods throughout the region.

On November 24, 2016, the Mayors' Council and TransLink Board of Directors approved Phase 1 of the plan, which comprises $2 billion in transit and road improvements.

Phase 1 will be funded by a $370 million contribution from the Federal Government and $246 million from the Provincial Government, with the remaining $1.3 billion of capital and operating costs coming from TransLink’s existing funding sources, cost savings and efficiencies, as well as new regional revenues including modest property tax and transit fare increases. 

Highlights of Phase 1 of the Mayors’ Council Plan include:

  • 10% increase in bus service.
  • 15% increase in HandyDART service.
  • 20% increase in rail service following delivery of new rail cars (Expo Line, Millennium Line and Evergreen Extension, Canada Line, West Coast Express).
  • Pre-construction and consultation on Broadway subway and Surrey-Langley light rail.
  • New funding for improvements to the Major Road Network.
  • Expansion and improvements to cycling and walking networks. 

Additional information is available on the 10-Year Vision website.

Phase 1 Richmond Improvements
Canada Line CarPhase 1 includes a number of specific proposed transit and transportation improvements for Richmond.

  • 22 additional Canada Line train cars to increase capacity and alleviate crowding.
  • Planning and design for a new B-Line route connecting Richmond City Centre to Metrotown in Burnaby.
  • Improving and expanding frequent all-day bus service (day and evening, every day of the week) for the 410 (Railway-22nd Street Station).
  • Improving and expanding frequent all-day bus service (day and evening, weekdays) for the 401 (One Road-Garden City) and 430 (Metrotown-Brighouse Station).
  • Improving and expanding frequent peak bus service during highest-demand time periods on weekdays for the 402 (Two Road-Brighouse Station).
  •  Improving and expanding frequent peak bus service during highest-demand time periods on weekdays plus weekends for the 403 (Three Road-Bridgeport Station).
  • Additional funding for cost-sharing on local roadway upgrades along the Major Road Network (MRN) and other local cycling/pedestrian improvements.