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Planning, Building & Development


City Centre Transit Station Sitting AreaWell managed, future population growth and demographic change can present exciting opportunities to shape our community to be more attractive, livable, vibrant and sustainable. Richmond’s future growth is managed through our Planning and Development Department, including Building Approvals, along with programs offered through our Economic Development Office.

The vision for the 2041 Official Community Plan (0CP) is for Richmond to become a more sustainable community - a place of great spaces and experiences, a place where the greatest assets include a vibrant downtown, connected neighbourhoods, island shoreline, open spaces as well as protected and productive agricultural lands. 

To advance sustainability, the City will implement the objectives and policies of its new 2041 Official Community Plan (OCP), for which some of the buildings blocks are: 

  • Population growth directed to the high density mixed use urban villages in the City Centre
  • A more integrated transportation network with an emphasis on walking, transit, rolling and cycling
  • A mix of low to medium density uses and a diversity of ground-oriented residential housing in the compact mixed use neighbourhood centres outside the City Centre
  • Agricultural viability with ALR lands protected
  • An enhanced park system with a network of city-wide trails and links

Through proactive policies, the City has a reduced ecological footprint, is more energy efficient and is responding to the challenges of climate change in partnership with other levels of government, its citizens and its businesses.
See our Official Community Plan

Also browse this section of our website to find forms and information for builders and developers as well as information on city, transportation and social planning strategies, bylaws (Zoning, OCP), reports and current projects. Find out how to have your say when plans are being developed.

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