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Development & Rezoning

Application Fees

Important! New fee increases effective January 1st of each year. Refer to:City Bylaws, Chapter 5 - Finance and Budgets - Consolidated Fees Bylaw 8636.

Type of Development Applications Fees
(including Official Community Plan amendment)
$2,261 - Single Detached (RS) 

$2,825 - Single Detached (RS) requiring a new or amended Single-Family Lot Size Policy 

$2,261 - Standard zoning districts plus: Variable floor area/unit charges

$3,388 - Site Specific Zones plus: Variable floor area/unit charges
Fast Track Application $1,134
Zoning Text Amendment $1,779
Official Community Plan amendment
(not involving a Rezoning)
Additional Public Hearing
(Rezoning, Zoning Text or Official Community Plan amendment)
$852 per Public Hearing
Development Permit
(involving Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) or Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR))
Development Permit
(not involving ESA or ALR)
$1,697 plus:
Variable floor area charges
Development Permit for Coach House or Granny Flat $1,085
General Compliance Ruling
(on an approved Development Permit)
$571 per ruling
Development Variance Permit $1,697
Subdivision $852 (including first parcel)

$116 for each additional parcel
Subdivision - Preliminary
Letter of Approval Extension
$289 per extension
Air Space Subdivision $6,638 plus $163 for each parcel
Consolidation $116
Road Closure or Road Exchange $852
Strata Title Conversion $2,261 - Two-Family Dwellings

$3,388- Multi-Family, commercial or industrial
Phased Strata Title $571 per phase
Strata Plan Approval $255
Agricultural Land Reserve Appeal $1,500
Temporary Use Permit $2,261 (Application fee)

$1,134 (Renewal fee)
Land Use Contract Amendment $1,085
Servicing Agreement $1,134 (Processing fee) + inspection fee (4% of the approved off-site works and services)
 Latecomer Agreement $5,419
Civic Address Change $289 - Subdivision or consolidation or new building constructed on a corner lot

$1,134 - Personal preference
Change in Application Scope $289
Change in Application Mailing Address $54.50
Information/Comfort Letter $70.75 per property
Approving Officer Plan Approval $60.25 per legal plan
Site Profile Application $60.25 per site profile
Landscape Re-Inspection $122
Telecommunication Antenna Consultation and Siting $2,261
Discharge or Amendment
Legal Agreement
$289 - Does not require Council approval

$1,134 - Does require Council approval
Liquor Related Permits $301 - Temporary change

$571 - New or change
Heritage Alteration Permit $247 - No Development Permit or Rezoning

20% - Total Development Permit or Rezoning fee (whichever is greater)
Heritage Revitalization Agreement $247 - No Development Permit or Rezoning

20% - Total Development Permit or Rezoning fee (whichever is greater)
Fees subject to change without notice.

For further information please contact Barry Konkin, Program Coordinator, Development at 604-276-4138.