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Address Information

The following information will provide some insight into why your address is critical, who assigns addresses, how they are assigned and if they can be changed.

How Critical Is Your Address?
In an emergency, can the Fire, Police or Ambulance find you? For emergency response every second is critical.

It is very important that your home or business address be properly numbered (addresses which have been assigned by the City only) and that it is clearly visible day and night.

We recommend that:

  • Numbers be large enough, a minimum of 4" high and 1/2" wide, and placed where they can be easily seen and read from the street.
  • Numbers be illuminated or reflective so they can be seen at night. 
  • Numbers be displayed in lanes where such access exists.
  • Numbers be kept free of foliage, trees and other obstructions.
  • Numbers be placed on a contrasting background.

Observance of these simple guidelines could help to save your property, even your life!

How Are Addresses Assigned?
The City of Richmond is on a grid road system. Numbers in the 1000 - 12000 blocks run North to South and numbers in the 2000 - 23000 blocks run West to East. Odd numbers are on the North and West sides of the street and even numbers are on the South and East sides.

Numerical unit addresses for commercial, industrial and multi-residential buildings are assigned to new buildings upon application for a building permit. Unit numbers are assigned in the '100' series for ground floor areas, in the '200' series for the second floor and the '300' series for the third floor, and so on, in increments of 5 - 10 to allow for tenant area expansion or reduction.

Townhouses however are numbered in increments of '1' starting on the right as you enter the property. The City of Richmond neither recognizes or assigns letters of the alphabet to street addresses or unit numbers.

I Need a Unit Number Assigned to My Place of Business
When a building permit application is received creating a new unit, the City will then assign a new unit number.

Property Address

  • A single family dwelling is assigned one property address.
  • A two-family dwelling (duplex) has two addresses.
  • Properties with two or more main buildings may have more than one address. These are known as 'additional' addresses. Each tenant area within the buildings is assigned a numerical unit number.
  • The address displayed must only be a City assigned address.
Can I Change My Address?
An address will only be changed if:

A.    An existing or new house is located on a corner lot and the main access (front door) is to the other street;

B.    The property is being consolidated or subdivided (if the existing house remains only the new lot will get a new address; if the old house is demolished and two new houses are built either one or two new addresses will be assigned);

C.    Where there is a major problem getting access to the building in case of Emergency Response, Canada Post or other delivery services; or

D.    If an error was made in assigning the original number.

For A or B above there is a charge of $289.00 per new address created.

For C or D above there is no charge since the address change is initiated by the City.

Address changes as a result of a personal preference on the part of the property owner are discouraged for any other reason, i.e. superstition and religious beliefs, numerology, etc.

How Do I Proceed?
Address Change Requests
Requests for an address change may be made by completing a Request for a Change of Address Form:

Request for a Change of Address DA-30

"Additional" Address Requests
Requests for an "additional" address for another main building on the same property, should be directed, in writing from the owner, to the Planning & Development Division, Property Records Clerk. Please state the reason for the request and include an updated site plan of all the buildings on the property showing existing doors and driveways.

Who Is Responsible For Addresses?
Assignment of all addresses in the City is the responsibility of the Planning & Development Division. This includes the control and assignment of unit numbers for tenant areas in commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings.

The City liaises closely with Canada Post and Richmond Fire Rescue to maintain an addressing format that will easily identify properties in the whole community both for existing and future development.

For further information please contact the City of Richmond, Property Records Clerk, at 604-276-4314.

PDF Document Address Information - DA-B-1

 A Word of Caution
To avoid a costly mistake when you move into an existing building location, please confirm your address and unit number with the Planning & Development Division, Property Records Clerk at 604-276-4314 before using your address.