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Inspection Requests and Plan Review Status

Inspection Request by Phone (IVR) User Guide

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Phone System
Our inspection request telephone system was implemented in response to input received by our various client groups on how we can improve our level of service and provide more customer options. This User Guide has been prepared to assist you on how to use the IVR Phone System and also describes the various options available to you.

What the Inspection Request System Provides
The inspection request system, called IVR, is an automated phone system that allows you to:
  • Schedule / cancel / reschedule inspections;
  • Leave a voicemail message with an inspection request;
  • Get inspection results and messages from inspectors;
  • Obtain inspection history; and
  • Obtain permit application status via fax, using a touch tone phone.
How to Access IVR
The inspection request phone number is 604-276-4111. The IVR system is available 24 hours a day. If for any reason IVR can't complete your requested transaction, you may be forwarded to a staff person during business hours.

What You Need to Schedule an Inspection
To schedule an inspection, you need the following:
  1. Your eight (8) digit permit number;
  2. The three (3) digit inspection code(s) of the inspection(s) you would like to schedule;
  3. Your area code followed by your phone number; and
  4. Pen and paper to write down your confirmation number. Use this confirmation number when inquiring about your telephone request.

Remember to listen to the site address spoken by the system to make sure you have the correct permit.

IVR Cut-off Times
While IVR is available 24 hours a day, keep in mind that there are some times when you will be transferred to an operator or given a different phone number to dial for service. To obtain an inspection for the next business day, you must request the inspection prior to 8:00pm.

Will IVR Ever Stop You From Scheduling an Inspection
Your permit must be issued before an inspection can be scheduled.

How Permits are Tracked in IVR
Permits are tracked and inspections scheduled in the new system with an assigned eight (8) digit permit number. When your permit is issued and printed, your Permit Number will appear in the upper left-hand corner of your permit. Note: Your Permit Number is a distinct eight (8) digit number. The fastest way to schedule an inspection is to use your Permit Number.

Where to Find Inspection Codes

See below for quick reference

Attached is an Adobe Acrobat pdf version of this document that contains all the available inspection codes, brief instructions on dialling into the IVR system, and some reminders about different inspections. If you need additional copies of the IVR Inspection Request System User Guide or the IVR pocket reference, copies can also be picked up in our Permit Centre.

Instructions for Requesting an Inspection Using IVR Flowchart

Obtaining Plan Review Status
Your Plan Review Status can be obtained using the IVR system. When you dial into IVR, select 4 from the main menu. You will need to supply a fax number where your Plan Review Status can be sent. Plan Review Status Reports are available on all permits.

Important Information About
the Voicemail Feature of IVR
If you record a message for an inspector using the voicemail feature of IVR, please be sure to press the # key when you are done recording your message and the 1 key to send the message. The inspector will not receive your message if you do not press these keys to send your message.

Three (3) Digit Inspection Codes


100 Forms
105 Elevation
110 Crawl Space
115 Sheathing
120 Frame
125 Insulation
130 Heating
135 Final Building
140 Commercial Cook Hood


500 Final Demolition
405 Gas Vent
410 Gas Piping
415 Visual Air
420 Air Test Certificate
425 Final Gas


300 Underground
305 Rough In
310 Shower/Bath
315 Water Service
325 Final Plumbing
345 Backflow Preventor
700 Sign Forms F/S
705 Final Sign

Site Services - Single Family Dwellings

200 Sanitary Sewer Res
205 Infiltration Test Res
210 Storm Sewer Res
215 Final Site Res
240 Water/Fire Main
Site Services - Multi / Family Res / Commercial
220 Sanitary Sewer Com/l
225 Infiltration Test Com/l
230 Storm Sewer Com/l
235 Final Site Com/l
240 Water/Fire Main


600 Sprinkler - Rough In
605 Final Sprinkler

How to Schedule a Reinspection
If an inspector has been out to do an inspection and your inspection was not approved for any reason, you will be required to schedule a reinspection. There are no separate codes for reinspections. To schedule a reinspection, simply call and, using the same three (3) digit inspection code you initially used to schedule the inspection, schedule your inspection again. Please allow time for the inspector to enter his inspection results into our system as another inspection cannot be requested until a result has been entered.

If You Receive the Message, "No inspections may be scheduled. Permit status is unknown."
This means the permit is not yet issued or the permit number has been incorrectly entered. To request inspections on a permit, the permit status must be issued.

What if IVR Doesn't Accept Your Three (3) Digit Code
If your three (3) digit code isn't accepted, there are a couple of things to check. First, only applicable inspections can be requested on a permit. For example, if you have a plumbing permit, you will not be able to request building inspections using that permit number. You will need the building permit number to request the needed building inspections. Second, although the # key is used to accept information you enter into the IVR system, you do not need to press the # key after entering your three (3) digit inspection code. Just enter the three (3) digit code and IVR will continue with the scheduling process.

Rescheduling and Cancelling Inspections
To reschedule or cancel a "next day" inspection, you must call in your request no later than 8:00 pm. If you call between 8:00 pm and 8:15 am, you'll be asked to call back after 8:15 am to speak to an operator.