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Building Forms, Records and Information

Please see Building Bulletins for additional City requirements

PDF Document These documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat fillable PDF format for printing.

Important! New fee increases effective January 1st each year. Refer to: City Bylaws, Chapter 5 - Finance and Budgets - Consolidated Fees (Bylaw 8636 - 2011) see pg 6-9 for Building fees.

Building Permit Applications

Other Applications

Obtaining & Viewing Building Records
Permit records and survey certificates are available for viewing at the Information Centre of City Hall and may be viewed by anyone. Building drawings are also available for viewing to the registered owner of the property. If not the owner of the property, with a signed Letter of Authorization by the owner, the drawings can be viewed.

For each request to view records there is an administration fee of $10.00, and for each copy requested a fee of $5.00.  (Fees are subject to change.)

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