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Planning, Building & Development

Planning, Building & Development
Planning & Zoning
About Planning and Zoning
Current Planning Projects
Farmland Housing Regulations
Single-Family Building Massing Phase 2
Land Use Contracts
City Centre Building Height Study
Completed Planning Projects
2041 Official Community Plan Update
Hamilton Area Plan Update
Building Massing Study for RS Zone Neighbourhoods
Official Community Plan
Land Use & Zoning
Zoning and Development
Arterial Road Policy
Single-Family Lot Size Policies
About Agriculture in Richmond
Viability Strategy Overview
Viability Strategy Report
Profile Report
Survey Report
Public Input Report
Advisory Committee
Heritage Inventory Overview
Criteria or Explanation of Fields
Online Heritage Inventory
Heritage Inventory Map Search
Blundell Heritage Locations
Broadmoor Heritage Locations
Cambie Heritage Locations
City Centre Heritage Locations
East Richmond Heritage Locations
Gilmore Heritage Locations
Hamilton Heritage Locations
Seafair Heritage Locations
Sea Island Heritage Locations
Shellmont Heritage Locations
Steveston Heritage Locations
Brittania Shipyard Heritage Locations
Steveston Town Centre Heritage Locations
Thompson Heritage Locations
Thompson Inset
Broadmoor Heritage Locations
Steveston Village Conservation Program
Suburban History
Heritage Commission
Heritage Newsletter
4091 Chatham Street - Building Relocation
Employment Lands Strategy
Lulu Awards for Urban Design
2013 Lulu Award Winners
2011 Lulu Awards Winners
Richmond Heritage Awards
Social Planning
About Social Planning
Policies, Plans and Strategies
City Grant Programs
Child Care
About Child Care
Child Care Needs Assessment and Strategy
Finding Child Care in Richmond
Creating Child Care Spaces in Richmond
Child Care Grant Program
Child Care Development Advisory Committee
About Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing Strategy
Developing Affordable Housing
Types of Affordable Housing
Housing Projects
Homelessness in Richmond
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Newcomer's Information
Richmond Community Services Advisory Committee
Syrian Refugee Information
Work with Community
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Transportation Planning
About Transportation Planning
City Centre Transportation Plan
Study Area
Long Term Road Network Plan Map
Long Term Transit Improvements
Shuttle Service Map
Long Term Parking Improvements
Long Term Cycling Network
Long Term Pedestrian Facility Improvements
Proposed Short Term Improvements
Official Community Plan (2041) Update - Transportation
10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transit and Transportation
About Building
Bulletins, Schedules & Statistical Reports
Building Schedules
Monthly Reports for Permits
2014 Monthly Reports for Permits
2015 Monthly Reports for Permits
2016 Monthly Reports for Permits
Weekly Reports for Permits
2014 Weekly Reports for Permits
2015 Weekly Reports for Permits
2016 Weekly Reports for Permits
Home Owner Building and Renovations Guide
Inspection Requests and Plan Review Status
Inspection Request by Phone (IVR) User Guide
Building Forms, Records and Information
Plumbing/Gas Forms and Information
Fire Sprinkler Forms and Information
Commercial TI Building Permit Requirements
Demolition or Moving a Building
Industrial Waste Sewer Connections
Information Disclaimer
Development & Rezoning
About Development and Rezoning
Current Development Applications
Application Forms and Information
Application Fees
Development Permit Guide
Rezoning Guide
Subdivision Guide
Address Information
Road Naming Criteria
Landscaping Resources
Native Plants and Wildflowers
Online Plan Submissions
About ePlan Submissions
ePlan Servicing Agreement Submissions
City Capital & Construction Projects
Minoru Civic Precinct
Garden City Lands
Parks Projects
Construction Projects
City Centre Community Centre