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Youth Services

Youth Initiatives

Respectful City
The City of Richmond and School District 38 have partnered to raise awareness about ERASE bullying in our community, and the desire to have a respectful, safe and connected Richmond.

The Respectful City Committee promotes ERASE bullying throughout Richmond and encourages supporting diversity and respect year-round.

ERASE Bullying Day (February 22, 2017) is an opportunity to raise awareness about bullying prevention in our community. Also known as “Pink Shirt Day”, wearing pink on this day symbolizes the intolerance of bullying and demonstrates how everyone can be a part of the solution. It originated when two Nova Scotia Secondary students gave pink shirts to the boys in their school to wear in protest, after discovering a younger student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. This day has evolved into a nationwide awareness campaign to ERASE Bullying.

Respectful City Initiative Youth Artist Poster Submission
The poster submission initiative is an opportunity for Richmond youth in grades 8-12 to showcase their creative side, and express themselves artistically while bringing awareness about ERASE bullying and a respectful city.

Submitted poster design(s) must be designed for a multicultural and multigenerational audience, and represent Richmond as a respectful, safe, caring and connected community.

The 2017 ERASE bullying promotional poster design was created by Isidora Chan.
Reflecting on what ERASE bullying and a respectful city means to her, Isidora says, “Using shadow images as people who are bullies and being bullied, the picture shows the hands erasing the bullies. I also have the word “ERASE” in different languages, showing that we are a culturally diverse community that can work together to “ERASE” a universal problem.” 
PDF Document 2017 Erase Bullying Poster

Look for the posters around Richmond leading up to ERASE Bullying Day-and don’t forget to wear pink on February 22.

The annual contest is part of the Respectful City ERASE Bullying Youth Initiative, and the student whose design was chosen will be acknowledged at the Feb. 20, 2017 School Board Meeting.

Positive Ticket (POSI tickets)
The City of Richmond and  RCMP have partnered to develop this program. The idea of catching youth doing positive actions provides a powerful gateway to developing positive relationships between police, youth workers and youth, often having a profound effect on the youth and others involved.
Youth who receive a POSI ticket are given access to safe, positive activities, as well as provided with resources, and a great way to connect with their community through recreation.

Youth Services Street Team
The Youth Services Street Team was created to take the message of supporting youth and building developmental assets into the community. Street Team members deliver key messages, from a youth's perspective, to further promote asset building. Look for the Youth Services Street Team at community events around Richmond.

Richmond Youth Media Program (RYMP)
The Richmond Youth Media Program (RYMP) is a free program for youth ages 13-24 years. Participants learn media literacy skills that are relevant to their interest and will be placed in a supportive environment where they can engage with positive role models. Programming includes drop-in sessions (during which supervised youth can work independently) and a variety of structured sessions.
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