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Programs & Facilities

Skateboard Park

Google Maps Skateboard Park Location Map

Location: Richmond, BC. River Road, West of No. 2 Road.
Type: Free. Outdoor. Unsupervised with multiple features for all skill levels.
Surface: Asphalt ground with concrete obstacles.
A payphone is located around the corner in the City of Richmond's Works Yard.

Transition Options

  • 1 large 6' bowled corner
  • 1 6' high, 20'  wide half pipe with a spine
  • 3 1/4 pipes
  • 2 small 3' high half bowls, side by side
  • Stainless steel coping used on all transition obstacles


  • The main starting pad has 3 rails
  • One regular 5 stair rail (round)
  • Low and long square rail
  • 5 stair rail with a kink at the bottom (square)
  • The fun box features a narrow square rail which continues from a flat rail to a down rail
  • A long and low round flat bar in the ground
  • An angled square rail which starts in the ground and escalates gradually to 3ft off the ground

There is one box ledge on the ground, and a continuous ledge on the fun box. The start pad also features two ledges which go straight off the stairs.

There are over 10 to choose from. Mellow/steep/flat and tranny.


The park is one-sided with regards to getting speed without pushing. However, it is nicely laid out for putting together lines and it has great visibility. It can handle large numbers of users without becoming too crowded and unsafe.

User Times
The park definitely has its peak times. Mid-day to late afternoon are usually the busiest times. Beginners are recommended to use the park earlier in the day to avoid crowds. Any time before noon is good.

What about bikes?
The park is designed for skateboarders. Chromoly pegs are harder than the steel coping and cause damage.

The park features some nice big overhead lights, which are on until midnight daily.  Great for skaters of all ages who enjoy skating at night when the park is cooler and less crowded.

Park User Etiquette
The park is for all to enjoy, boys and girls, young and old. Use of alcohol, drugs and foul language is not welcome in the park.

Use of protective gear for ALL users is strongly recommended. If your mom says, "Wear a helmet" - well, mom knows best...