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About Youth Services

Roving Leader Program

The City of Richmond Roving Leader Program is comprised of two Youth Outreach Workers who aim to establish positive mentor relationships with low-asset youth, ages 13 to 18 years, and to connect young people with positive activities and appropriate services designed to positively influence and increase the 40 Developmental Assets.Roving Leader

The two Youth Outreach Workers work to connect unaffiliated youth with their community through social, recreational and cultural activities by developing meaningful relationships, meeting their needs and helping them discover their passions. Activities are a useful vehicle to providing real opportunities for learning and personal growth.

Service Goals:

  • Increase youth’s inventory of free-time experiences
  • Increase youth’s perceptions that they are involved in experiences that are safe and meaningful
  • Increase youth’s awareness of resources to help deal with difficult circumstances
  • Increase motivation to stay in school/attend regularly
  • Improve youth’s ability to make smart choices in relation to risky behaviours
  • Increase youth’s trust and respect for themselves and others
  • Increase youth’s citizenship, leadership and/or job skills

Any Richmond organization or agency can refer youth to the Roving Leader Program. Those that make a referral are asked to complete a referral form (available below) prior to arranging a meeting with a Roving Leader and the youth.

Referral forms can be emailed to:
PDF Document Roving Leader Program Referral Form

Please Note: The program currently has a waitlist.

For more information, please contact:

Krista Germyn
Youth Outreach Worker
Community Social Development

Alvin Li
Youth Outreach Worker
Community Social Development