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About Youth Services

Youth Service Plan

Youth should reach adulthood equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and social connections to make informed decisions about their lives and the contributions they will make to their community.youth hands

In March 2015, City Council endorsed the updated Community Services Youth Service Plan. The PDF Document 2015-2020 Youth Service Plan: Where Youth Thrive, builds on the previous plan prepared in 2008. The new plan identifies priority program and service areas for Richmond youth, and provides the City with a strategic approach to making decisions about youth-related matters over the next six years. It is intended to be a guiding framework to support the development and implementation of youth programs and services.

The Youth Service Plan consists of three goals and nine themes. For each Theme, concrete Actions are suggested along with associated Outcomes, City Roles and Timelines. :

    • Goal 1: Building Youth Assets Through Engagement & Partnerships
      Theme 1: Youth Asset Development
      Theme 2: Youth Engagement, Leadership & Empowerment
      Theme 3: Collaboration with Community Partners
    • Goal 2: Expanding Opportunities for Youth
      Theme 4: Youth Program Development and Delivery
      Theme 5: Bridging Services for Vulnerable Youth
      Theme 6: Safe & Social Spaces for Youth
    • Goal 3: Improving Quality of Youth Services
      Theme 7: Moving Towards Standards
      Theme 8: Marketing & Communication
      Theme 9: Tracking the Progress & Reporting to Community