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Fitness & Active Living

Garratt Wellness Centre - Satellite Fitness Programs

Garratt Wellness Centre
7504 Chelsea Place
Richmond, BC V7C 3S9
Phone: 604-238-8004

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PDF Document Garratt Centre Location Directions

The Garratt Wellness Centre (part of Richmond Public Health) acts as the hub for community wellness needs and is housed in the former Garratt Elementary School. This facility includes a participant resource library, education rooms and a fitness centre. The direct phone number is 604-204-2007. 

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Specialized Physical Activity Programs
Specialized Physical Activity programs offered at Garratt focus on chronic disease prevention and management. Participants are required to complete a screening consent form prior to the start of all programs. Please phone 604-238-8004 for more information or to register.

The City of Richmond's Specialized Physical Activity programs offered at the Garratt Wellness Centre include:

  • Diabetes Wellness
  • Heart Wellness

Screening Forms
Please print off and complete the screening consent form provided below.

PDF Document Garratt Wellness Centre Screening Consent Form

Drop off or send the completed form to:

Minoru Arenas
7551 Minoru Gate
Richmond, BC V6Y 1R8
Phone: 604-238-8009
Fax: 604-718-8475

Medical clearance is required prior to commencing with these physical activity programs. We recommend seeing your doctor for this clearance; however, you may alternatively begin with a call to PAL - the Physical Activity Line. PAL will provide you with a Physical Activity Clearance Documentation form, which must be provided to our office for registration purposes. Please note that PAL may still recommend further medical clearance based on your risk factors. 

PAL Phone: 604-241-2266
Toll Free: 1-877-725-1149

For more information on the Garratt Wellness Centre or to register for a program, call 604-238-8004.