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Fitness & Active Living

About Fitness and Active Living

The City of Richmond offers a wide variety of physical activity and wellness opportunities designed to promote active living in our community. Our physical activity programs and services, for all ages and abilities, are taught by Provincially Registered Fitness Leaders.

Annual Aquatic Fitness Challenge 
This annual event is designed to encourage regular physical activity and fun competition through participation in activities an average of 2.5 times weekly over three months. Learn more about the Aquatics Fitness Challenge.

Body Scultp Class at Minoru PavilionGroup Fitness and Aquasize Classes
Our land-based (aerobics) and water-based (aquasize) exercise classes are all self-paced and open to all individuals. Participants with health conditions or other special needs are encouraged to speak to the fitness leader prior to the start of class to give the instructor time to provide advice on exercise choices and exercise modifications.

Check out the online Group Fitness schedules.

Personal Training Services

Looking for motivation, expertise and one-on-one assistance? Book a personal trainer to help plan and reach fitness goals. Learn how to get the most out of workouts while making them challenging, interesting and fun!

Personal training services are available at the following community facilities:

Call the facility of your choice directly to book an appointment.

Personal Training Fees
Session packages are developed by a qualified Personal Trainer. Book a one-on-one session or train with a friend. View a listing of Personal Training Fees.

PAR Q (The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone)

When you take part in any fitness activity at a City facility you will be asked to either complete a PAR-Q+, read the large poster version of the form, or to confirm you have completed the online version of the questionnaire, or complete and print the form here PDF Document Par Q Questionnaire. This form is designed to identify people for whom a change in physical activity may pose a risk.

Active Living Questions? 

The City's Fitness/Wellness Services Coordinator works in partnership with Fitness Coordinators at the community centres to offer a wide variety of fitness and wellness programs. 

Email your questions to