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Field Sports

Open/Closed Field Status

Seasonally, as weather and local environment changes, so do the conditions in Richmond's park fields and ball diamonds. Occasionally, it may become necessary to close our facilities due to poor field conditions. In order to provide customers and users with the most timely information possible about the condition of our outdoor facilities, the Open/Closed Status Reporting system was developed.

The following set of links are excellent resource tools for teams, coaches, players and parents as they provide timely information about the open/closed status of all sports fields and ball diamonds in the city. The status reports generated by Sports Services are updated daily as required when reports of field conditions are received.
Please note the following when searching for sports fields:
  • All fields are listed under the park in which they are located
  • Richmond Artificial Turf is listed under the official park name Minoru Community Park.
  • Boyd Artificial Turf is listed under the official park name Hugh Boyd Community Park.