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About 55+/Seniors Services

In Richmond, older adults now span a large age range, are culturally diverse and are very active within the community.

The City of Richmond, Seniors Services and community partners together offer a variety of recreational, cultural, educational and social opportunities for those 55 years and older.

Throughout Richmond, programs and services for those 55+ years are offered at most community facilities, as well as the Minoru Place Activity Centre. Please refer to the Parks, Recreation and Culture Guide for program and service details or view specific facility details online.

Seniors Services Plan - Active and Healthy Living in Richmond

PDF Document 2015-2020 Seniors Service Plan  Seniors Services Cover Page

With a vision to be a nurturing, connected community that promotes healthy and active aging, the City of Richmond, with public input, has created an updated Seniors Service Plan.

The Seniors Service Plan: Active and Healthy Living 2015-2020 represents a comprehensive, update of the 2008-2012 Older Adults Service Plan and sets the goals and actions for services and programs for seniors in Richmond to the year 2020.  The 2015-2020 Service Plan was adopted by Council on December 14, 2015.

The Service Plan was developed by building on the achievements of the previous Service Plan, conducting consultation with seniors, key stakeholders and community partners. In addition, the update considers evidence from the latest population projections, emerging social and health trends and their likely impact on the health and wellness status of Richmond’s senior population.

The Service Plan outlines five primary directions:

1.    Communication and Awareness 
Communication with seniors is timely, effective and appropriately delivered and received.

2.    Responsive and Relevant Services
Programs and services are developed based on best practices, direct consultation and program evaluation to reflect changing needs and priorities.

3.    Respect, Inclusion and Sense of Belonging
There is a citywide focus and understanding of seniors needs and wants. Seniors are celebrated and recognized as valued community members.

4.    Coordinated Service Delivery
The City works with partners including Community Associations and community organizations to ensure services to seniors are coordinated citywide.

5.    Targeted Training and Professional Development 
City staff, volunteers and community partners are aware of the most current, evidence-based information related to seniors programs and services.

PDF Document 2015-2020 Seniors Service Plan Framework

Implementation of the Service Plan will be the joint responsibility of the City, its partners and a range of other community organizations.  It is only through partnership that the Seniors Service Plan's vision will be realised.

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