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About Pools & Waterplay

Program Information

Canadian Red Cross Swim Program
Richmond Aquatic Services offers the Red Cross Swim Program at our aquatic facilities.

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Lesson Frequently Asked Questions
Lesson FAQ’s below. For further information, please contact the Aquatic Leader at 604-238-8002.
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Canadian Swim Patrol - Star Patrol 
Offered by the Lifesaving Society, this program delivers "work hard/play hard" training for skilled swimmers and is aligned with the Red Cross program. Included are timed 300 metre swim, 600 metre workout and First Aid..

Special Needs - Child
Children requiring special attention in the water will benefit from these lessons. We will attempt to arrange volunteers for each participant upon request. Class size: 3

Adult Lessons (Adult Basics & Adult Strokes)
Swim lessons designed for adults ranging from beginner through to the competent swimmer looking to develop proficiency in one or more strokes. Instruction is adapted to class needs and goals.

Swimming Lessons - Private/Semi-Private

Do you need some one-on-one focused instruction to master a specific swimming stroke or skill? Why not try our private lessons? We also offer lessons for two individuals with similar swimming abilities/goals. Lessons are taught by our certified instructors.

Advanced Lifesaving and Instructor Programs 

Are you looking to become a Lifeguard or swimming instructor? Do you have plans to teach swimming at a lake or outdoor camp? If so, we offer the programs you need to reach these goals.

Bronze Star
Introductory course to lifesaving, building on Rookie, Ranger and Star Patrol courses. Recommended prerequisite: Star Patrol or Red Cross 10.

Bronze Medallion
This course is a starting point to becoming a lifeguard and includes instruction in lifesaving skills, water rescues and First Aid. Prerequisites: Bronze Star or 13+ years.

Bronze Cross
An opportunity to further develop lifesaving/lifeguarding skills, water rescues and First Aid. Prerequisite: Bronze Medallion.

Lifesaving Camp - Bronze Medallion - Cross Combined
Two courses in one challenging camp! Prerequisite: Bronze Star or 13+ years.

National Lifeguard Service (NLS) – Pool Option
Learn lifeguarding principles, emergency rescues and procedures in a pool environment. This is a required course for employment with Richmond Aquatics. Prerequisites: Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid and 16+ years by course end date

National Lifeguard Service (NLS) – Waterpark Option
Learn emergency rescues and procedures in a waterpark environment. This is a required course for employment with Richmond Aquatic Services. Prerequisites: NLS Pool Option, Standard First Aid and 16+ years by course end date

Assistant Water Safety Instructor
This is a prerequisite to the Red Cross WSI Course and covers the foundation of instructional skills. The course includes eight hours of assistant teaching. Recommended prerequisite: 15 years by course end date

Water Safety Instructor

This course further develops the instructional ability by focusing on how to apply the information learned in AWSI. The completion of this course is required for teaching the Red Cross Swim Program. Includes 12 hours of teaching experience. Prerequisites: Assistant Water Safety Instruction and 15+ years

Lifesaving Instructor

This course must be completed to teach the Canadian Swim Patrol levels: Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross. Prerequisite: Bronze Cross and 16+ years

Standard First Aid
Training in First Aid and additional emergency care topics. Includes CPR - Level C.

CPR Level C
These lifesaving skills, taught to perform on babies, children and adults, include choking, breathing, cardiac arrest and 2-person CPR procedures with an automatic defibrillator.

Program Registration
Please see Program Registration to register online for these and other programs offered by the City of Richmond, or refer to the Parks, Recreation and Culture Guide for details about our registered programs and services, events and drop-in programs that do not require registration.