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West Richmond

Sports and Fitness

West Richmond Community CentreWorking out at West Rmd
9180 No. 1 Road
Richmond, BC V7E 6L5
Phone: 604-238-8400
Fax: 604-238-8414
Fitness Coordinator: Murray Phillips
Phone: 604-238-8411

Fitness Centre
The cardio equipment includes four types of elliptical trainers, recumbent, upright and spin bikes, treadmills and rowing machines. Strength equipment includes free weight, Apex and Hoist fitness stations and a variety of core strengthening equipment.

Fitness Classes
West Richmond offers a variety of fitness classes for patrons of all fitness levels. Please see the schedule below to find the full list of classes we offer.

Drop-in Schedules
Drop in to basketball, badminton, open gym or soccer at West Richmond Community Centre.

Fitness and Drop-in Gym Schedules
PDF Document Drop-In Gym Schedule - Winter - Spring 2017

Racquet Sports Schedules
PDF Document Squash Information

PDF Document Badminton Court Rental Schedule - Winter - Spring 2017
PDF Document Racquet Sports Drop-In Schedule - Winter - Spring 2017

Fitness Centre Hours
Monday to Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:30 pm
Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday/Sunday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Fall, Winter and Spring: 
Monday to Friday: 8:00 am - 9:30 pm
Saturday/Sunday: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Public Holiday Hours
There's no excuse to miss your workout!
All community centres are open regular weekend hours plus select community centres are now open on public holidays! This is a great chance to come in for a workout with friends and family. Use your Total Fitness Pass at select centres on public holidays for no extra fee.

Upcoming Statutory Holidays
Saturday, July 1 CLOSED
Monday, August 7 CLOSED
Monday, September 4 CLOSED

Fitness Fees
West Richmond Community Centre offers a number of options for accessing fitness programs, including paying a drop-in fee or purchasing a visit card or fitness centre pass, as well as offering programs for registration.

Age Drop-in Fee Punch Cards
Adult $5.55 $44.00 for 10 visits
Youth (13-18) $3.60 $29.00 for 10 visits
Senior (55+) $3.60 $29.00 for 10 visits
Length Adult Youth/Senior
1 months $47.00 $34.00
3 months $103.00 $76.00
6 months $176.00 $130.00
1 year $296.00 $216.00

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Orientations and Other Services
Fitness Centre Orientation
A free orientation is included with all pass purchases. Call the Centre at
604- 238-8411 to arrange a day and time that is convenient for you.

Youth in the Fitness Centre
Youth 13-17 year olds are encouraged and welcome to use City of Richmond recreation fitness facilities with the following requirements:
• submission of a completed and signed PDF Document Parental Consent Fitness Form 
and PDF Document Par Q Questionnaire Form.
• completion of a Youth Orientation session*

*Those 13 to 15 years are required to take this session regardless of previous weight training experience. A session is not required for those 16 to 17 year with previous weight training experience if noted on the signed Parental Consent Form. However, a meeting with a Fitness Attendant to read and sign a Fitness Centre Etiquette Form is mandatory. Sessions are free and are available Monday-Friday from 2:30-4:00pm.

Note: Parental Consent Forms and Youth Orientations only need to be completed once and are transferrable to all City of Richmond recreation fitness centres.

With the purchase of a $7.00 Games Room pass, youth can use the Fitness Centre from 2:30 to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Personal Training
Both male and female personal trainers are available to help meet individual fitness goals. In addition, one-on-one Pilates, Yoga, Osteofit and other special areas of interest are available. Call Murray at 604-238-8411 for further details.

Personal Training Fees
# of Sessions Cost (not including HST)
1 session $51.15
3 sessions $145.80
5 sessions $230.20
10 sessions $434.80
Call 604-238-8400 for Group Training fees.

Screening Forms
PAR-Q+ (The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone)
When you take part in any fitness activity at a City facility you will be asked to either complete a PAR-Q+, read the large poster version of the form, or to confirm you have completed the online version of the questionnaire, or complete and print the form here PDF Document Par Q Questionnaire. This form is designed to identify people for whom a change in physical activity may pose a risk.

Parental Consent Form
Youth aged 13-17 years of age must complete a youth orientation, demonstrate appropriate maturity level and have a parental consent form signed prior to Fitness Centre access.

PDF Document Parental Consent Form

Seniors' Fitness Circuit
The first senior's fitness circuit in Richmond! This convenient, free, outdoor fitness circuit is designed to provide a workout to improve flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. The circuit includes 14 exercise stations, and while it has been designed for seniors in the community, all ages are able to enjoy the equipment while benefiting from using it. Each piece of equipment is simple to operate and includes an instruction sign so that maximum benefits can be reached.

Seniors' Fitness Circuit Orientation
Call 604-238-8400 for more information.

For information on these and other fitness programs at West Richmond Community Centre, call 604-238-8400 or the Registration Call Centre at 604-276-4300. For a complete program listing see the Parks, Recreation and Culture Guide.