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Thompson Community Association

The Thompson Community Association is a non profit volunteer driven group that works in partnership with the City of Richmond to provide social, cultural, recreational programs, events and services in the Thompson area. 

Vision Statement
The Thompson Community Association is an active supporter of the community by providing social and recreational programs, events and healthy living opportunities to enhance the quality of life and promote active living for all. 

Community Association Board of Directors

  • President/Director: Julie Halfnights
  • Vice President/Director: Vacant
  • Secretary/Director: Ray Young
  • Treasurer/Director: Marion Gray
  • Director: Harry Wong
  • Director: Eyal Lichtmann
  • Director: Kathy Holt
  • Director: Wendy Leung
  • Director: Guy Anderson
  • Director: Ben Choi
  • Director: Neil Bassan
  • Director: Don Flintoff
  • Director: Holly Munn  
  • Director: Otto Sun
  • Director: Jonah Thornburn
  • Director (non voting): Kishoore Ramanathan

Thompson Board Members 2017

The Association was formed by neighbours in the community seeking to provide their children with access to physical activities.  Initially, free programs were provided often lead by volunteer Instructors, usually housed in James Thompson Elementary School or J.N. Burnett Secondary School. 

The Association raised funds to support these programs and outdoor space, originally designed and built by volunteers. As programs expanded, the Association began to employ instructors and charged fees always at a low cost. 

In 1983, the former Richmond Works Yard building on Lynas Lane was converted for use as a Community Centre and the Association finally had a home. In 1995, with funds from the City of Richmond and a $750,000 GoBC grant, the our current building was opened. 

Volunteers continue to play a key role in all aspects of the operation of the Thompson Community Centre. The Board of Directors oversee all activities of the Association including the collection and payment of all program revenues and expenses. Committees (comprised of community representatives) provide input and support to the Association along with City staff to ensure the community's needs and expectations are met.