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City Centre

City Centre Association

The Richmond City Centre Community Association is currently seeking dynamic, community-oriented individuals to join the Board of Directors. We would like to expand our board with volunteers from diverse backgrounds with skill sets in board management such as: planning, policy development, finance, communications, marketing, fundraising and performance evaluation. If you are interested in joining, call Kirsten Close at 604-204-8560.

Utilizing a number of venues and partnerships with schools, churches and businesses in the city core, we ensure there are recreational and cultural opportunities that meet community needs through special events, programs, and services. The Association also plays a large role in shaping a healthy, safe community by being involved with developmental issues, while connecting people with people. 

Community Association Executive:
President: Paige Robertson 
Vice President: Jose Gonzalez 
Vice President: Steven Moore
Treasurer: Ian Scott
Secretary: Noordin Jessa 
Community Association Directors:

  • Henry Cheung
  • Chris Chan
  • Gary Cross 
  • Tracey Mack
  • Garner Stevens

 For more information please visit the City Centre Community Association website: