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Program Information


4-5 year olds
Richmond Arenas preschool 5-Level skate is designed to provide a fun and safe introduction to ice skating. Children are evaluated on skills at each individual level and move to the next step when all skills are completed.

The completion of each level helps build children's confidence while introducing them to the essentials that build sound skating skills.

All participants must wear helmets. The wearing of long pants and gloves are recommended.


  • Able to participate actively
  • Stand on own
  • Bend to pick up objects from the ice
  • Skate in a circle around cones
  • Fall down/get up
  • Turn a circle while standing
  • Lift right foot while standing
  • Lift left foot while standing
  • Skate from red dot to circle


  • Skate width of the ice
  • Fall down and get up on own
  • Skate in and out of cones
  • Skate over cones
  • Skate with hands behind back
  • Backward wiggles from red dot
  • Balance object on hand while skating
  • Skate forward while alternating feet


  • Skate width of ice alternating feet
  • Two foot glide
  • Skate a circle
  • Lift right foot while skating
  • Lift left foot while skating
  • Touch toes while skating
  • Two foot jump while skating
  • Skate backwards while alternating feet
  • Speed the width of ice sufficiently


  • Skate around the ice surface forwards
  • Two foot glide touching toes
  • Glide half width of ice
  • Two foot gliding circle
  • Glide lift right foot
  • Glide lift left foot
  • Gliding two foot jump
  • Complete snow plow stop
  • Speed skate backwards sufficiently


  • Glide on right foot (5 feet)
  • Glide on left foot (5 feet)
  • Forward sculling (10 feet)
  • Sideways snow plow stop left
  • Sideways snow plow stop right
  • Backward skate width of ice

Participants must attend a minimum of seven (7) lessons to receive an evaluation.