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Program Information

Children and Adult

Riverport Experience - Summer Daycamps at Richmond Ice Centre
Richmond Ice Centre offers daycamps through the month of July for 8 to 12 year olds.

Minoru Sports Experience - Summer Daycamps at Minoru Arenas
Minoru Arenas offers two week long daycamps during the month of August for 8 to 12 year olds.

Richmond Arenas Skate Lessons
School Age: 6-16 years
Adults: 17+ years
The Richmond Arenas Skate Lesson program is designed in conjunction with the Premier Sports Award Program and is intended to provide a fun and safe introduction to ice skating.

Participants are evaluated on their skills at each individual level and may progress to the next step when all skills taught are performed successfully. Each level helps build confidence while introducing the skills of recreational skating. Participants must attend a minimum of seven (7) lessons to receive an evaluation.

It is recommended that all participants wear helmets, long pants and gloves. 

Red Level

  • Skate width of ice alternating feet
  • Two foot glide
  • Skate in a circle
  • Skate and lift left foot
  • Skate and lift right foot
  • Skate and touch toes
  • Skate two foot jump
  • Speed the width of the ice sufficiently
  • Skate backwards while alternating feet

Orange Level

  • Skate around ice surface forwards
  • Two foot glide touching toes
  • Glide half width of ice
  • Two foot gliding circle
  • Glide lift right foot
  • Glide lift left foot
  • Gliding two foot jump
  • Complete snow plow stop
  • Speed skate backwards sufficiently

Gold Level

  • Backward skating width of ice
  • Sideways snow plow turn right
  • Sideways snow plow stop left
  • Forward sculling (10 feet)
  • Glide on right foot (5 feet)
  • Glide on left foot (5 feet)

Yellow Level

  • Skate backwards around ice surface
  • Backward sculling (10 feet)
  • Backward glide half width of ice
  • Backward glide touch toes
  • Forward to backward turn
  • Backward to forward turn
  • Backward right stop
  • Backward left stop

Green Level

  • Backward right foot glide (5 feet)
  • Backward left foot glide (5 feet)
  • Backward two foot jump
  • Forward clockwise cross-overs
  • Forward counter clockwise cross-overs
  • Forward outside edges
  • Forward inside edges
  • Forward to backward jump

Blue Level 

  • Backward clockwise cross-overs
  • Backward counter-clockwise cross-overs
  • Backward inside edges
  • Backward outside edges
  • Parallel stop
  • T-stop