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Arena Schedules and Admissions


PDF Document Minoru Sports Experience Day Camp Calendar
PDF Document Riverport Experience Day Camp Calendar
PDF Document Preteen Skate & Swim Nights
PDF Document Spring 2017 Public Skate Schedule
PDF Document Spring 2017 Drop-In Schedule

Schedules are subject to change without notice. Please contact the Richmond Ice Centre at 604-448-5366 for daily schedule.

Public skate sessions at Minoru Arenas and Richmond Ice Centre are open to all skill levels. We hope to see you soon!

Helmet PolicyPublic Skate photo
The City strongly recommends wearing a CSA approved hockey helmet to prevent injuries during public skating sessions and for all programs at Richmond Arenas. Helmets are available for use during sessions at no extra charge.

Helmets are approved for each sporting activity for the best protection during a specific activity, for example, hockey, cycling and boarding. Note that a sport specific helmet cannot prevent all head injuries in all sports.

Helmets have a limited CSA certification time period, so ensure that you are protecting yourself by wearing an activity specific helmet with a current CSA certification. For all skating and ice-related sports, it is strongly recommended that a hockey helmet be worn.

For your safety and enjoyment:

  • always skate under control
  • watch out for others
  • skates must be worn at all times on the ice surface
  • refrain from carrying children while on the ice
  • skate in designated areas
  • remove yourself from the ice surface and use the benches or bleachers if you need to sit down or rest
  • keep food and beverages in the lobby area
  • obey all instructions from staff
  • avoid using electronic devices while on the ice
  • have fun!

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Admissions and Fees

Single Admission 2017 Fees
Preschool (0-2yrs) Free
Child (3-12yrs) $3.40
Youth (13-18yrs) $3.80
Adult (19-54yrs) $5.35
Senior (55+yrs) $3.80
Family (per family member) $3.40
Punch Card  2017 Fees
Child $30.60
Youth  $34.20
Adult $48.20
Senior $34.20
Skate Rental $27.50
Child Drop-In Hockey $40.10
 Drop-In Figure Skating $62.60
Adult Drop-In Hockey (day) $60.30
Adult & Child Stick & Puck $51.75
Adult Stick and Wheel $62.10
Adult Stick & Puck $62.10
Skate Sharpening $51.30
Equipment 2017 Fees
Skate Rental $3.05
Skate Sharpening $5.70
Helmet Rentals FREE
Other Rates 2017 Fees
Child Drop-In Hockey $4.45
Adult Drop-In Hockey (Early Morning) FREE
Adult Drop-In Hockey (day) $6.70
Adult Drop-In Hockey (Evening/ Weekends) $12.00
Adult Stick & Puck $6.90
Adult & Child Stick & Puck $5.75
Adult Stick & Wheel $6.90
Drop-In Figure Skating $6.95