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Ipsos Reid Recreation and Physical Fitness Survey

The City of Richmond again scored high marks from the community for its recreation services in the 2010 Recreation and Physical Fitness survey conducted by Ipsos Reid. As in 2008 and 2006, Richmond was part of the 2010 study conducted in municipalities across BC. Ipsos Reid conducted a random telephone survey of 300 Richmond residents to get feedback on the City’s parks and recreation programs and facilities, as well as to understand residents’ activity levels, recreation behaviours and needs relating to the community’s physical fitness. Richmond surpassed the municipal norm in many categories. The vast majority (91 per cent) of residents are satisfied with Richmond’s recreation facilities, a slight increase from 87 per cent in 2008. This compares to an average of 76 per cent in other BC municipalities. Eighty per cent of residents are satisfied with the quality of recreation programs and services provided by the City and its partners, and 86 per cent with the variety of programs and services. These are also higher than in other BC municipalities. A summary of the most recent survey results are provided below:

PDF Document Ipsos Reid 2010 Recreation & Physical Fitness Survey
PDF Document Ipsos Reid 2008 Recreation & Physical Fitness Survey