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Mandate, Facilities and Services

Demystifying Pamphlets

As the community becomes more diverse and the population ages, its needs and priorities also change, and it becomes increasingly important for staff and partners to share a common understanding of the framework that is in place for decision making.

A series of pamphlets have been developed to “demystify” plans addressing key areas of strategic focus within the Community Services division. Each pamphlet presents the strategy highlights and suggests actions that can be considered and implemented by City staff, volunteers and community partners to contribute to the realization of the strategy’s goals and ultimately the City’s vision.

Read the "Demystifying" pamphlets, including:

PDF Document Demystifying the Parks and Recreation Master Plan: 2005-2015
PDF Document Demystifying the Official Community Plan (OCP) 
PDF Document Demystifying the Richmond Community Wellness Strategy: 2010-2015
PDF Document Demystifying the Richmond Sport for Life Strategy: 2010-2015
PDF Document Demystifying the Richmond Trail Strategy 
PDF Document Demystifying the Volunteer Management Strategy 
PDF Document Demystifying the Waterfront Strategy