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About Recreation

Mandate, Facilities and Services

Richmond's parks and trails, facilities, programs and services are designed and delivered to provide the greatest benefit to the community as a whole as well as to promote personal growth and enhance the quality of life of individual participants. 

Programs and services are planned to respond to the diverse and changing community needs and to minimize barriers to access.

The City provides and maintains over 145 parks, 73 kilometres of trails and recreation facilities including the Richmond Nature Park, eight Community Centres, four pools, two arenas and the Richmond Pitch and Putt Golf Course.

Strategic Planning
Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Master Plan (2005-2015)
The Master Plan is intended to be a strategic and directional resource that guides policy development and decision making. It is a comprehensive document to be used as a reference by all those involved in the delivery of parks, recreation and cultural services. 

The Master Plan also addresses the development of additional service plans in key service areas and how the City will work with others to ensure that the community plays a meaningful role in the planning for and delivery of services in Richmond. Descriptions and links to these strategies can be found below:

Demystifying Pamphlets
A series of "Demystifying pamphlets" has been developed to summarize plans that address key areas of strategic focus within the Community Services Division. Each pamphlet presents the strategy highlights and suggests actions that can be considered and implemented by City staff, volunteers and community partners to contribute to the realization of the strategy’s goals and ultimately the City’s vision.

Research and Planning Resources 
Community Services staff focus on program and service priorities based on research, planning and system-wide policies.

As well as utilizing internal expertise, staff work with external consultants to assess community needs and satisfaction with current programs and services, and to identify service and participation gaps. 

Ipsos Reid Recreation & Physical Fitness Survey
The City of Richmond again scored high marks from the community for its recreation services in the 2010 Recreation & Physical Fitness Survey conducted by Ipsos Reid. The vast majority (91 per cent) of residents are satisfied with Richmond’s recreation facilities, a slight increase from 87 per cent in 2008. 

Community Needs Assessment 
The 2015 Community Needs Assessment is taking place May to July 2015. Please check back soon for more information.

The 2009 Community Needs Assessment provided an overall snapshot of participation levels and satisfaction with the City of Richmond’s parks, recreation and cultural programs and services, identifies unmet needs and barriers to participation, and offers recommendations for addressing these gaps. 

Other Resources