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Intercultural Experience

Multicultural Dance Cultural Harmony and Events
The City of Richmond is actively involved in building cultural harmony in our community. By bringing people together in dialogue, arts and cultural programing or in holding inclusive consultations, the City is committed to reducing barriers to involvement and promoting a shared sense of community.

A highlight of this work was the Living Together Symposium that was held on January 21, 2016. This was an invitation to individuals, community and faith leaders, academics and diversity champions to explore Canadian values and identity, and contribute to a vision for Richmond and Canada.

On November 18, 2016, the City held its second annual Diversity Symposium.  This is a Metro Vancouver wide conference, hosted by the City of Richmond, to explore best and emerging practices in building a diverse community. This free symposium is aimed at community leaders and municipal staff and partners from across the Lower Mainland with the objectives to:

  1. Inform participants of best and emerging practices in the area of community and neighbourhood building in an intercultural environment.
  2. Share information and resources and facilitate discussion between municipal and partner staff involved in diversity and social inclusion work, particularly as it relates to building community harmony.
  3. Explore and facilitate shared actions and agendas between different levels of government and across municipalities in relation to neighbourhood and community building”.

 In 2015, over 100 municipal and non-profit staff members, as well as community leaders were in attendance and explored common visions of community.  

Other cultural harmony highlights for 2016: 

Richmond World Festival 2016

Richmond World Festival is the City’s newest signature event and its first major multicultural festival. Scheduled for the Labour Day long weekend, this festival celebrates Richmond’s significant cultural diversity and we are inviting the world to the party. For more information:

Doors Open 2016
Every year the City collaborates with the community to open a wide cross section of religious, community, and cultural facilities for public visits. This has proven to be a popular event and helps to create cross cultural understanding.  For more information:

For more information about the 2017 Richmond World Festival or Doors Open, please visit their respective web pages in the New Year.

Richmond Intercultural Advisory Committee (RIAC)
The City of Richmond's Intercultural Advisory Committee has adopted a vision that has been endorsed by Richmond City Council to be "the most welcoming, inclusive and harmonious community in Canada". The programs and services, and spaces and places managed and coordinated by the City of Richmond provides many opportunities that contribute to achieving this vision.

RIAC is currently in the process of updating its strategic plan. This plan will be based around four strategic directions aimed at fostering and promoting cultural harmony:

  1. Address language and information and cultural barriers that interfere with building a welcoming community and ensure that information about City and community activities is available for newcomers and residents.
  2. Address the perception and reality of racism and discrimination in the community. Dispel misconceptions related to culture that maintain stereotypes and foster prejudice.
  3. Work to explore potential areas of alignment between the RIAC Intercultural Vision and other government and stakeholder systems, policies and planning processes. Use ‘best practice’ methods to make decisions and prevent cross-cultural misunderstanding and antipathy.
  4. Support the development and integration of Richmond’s immigrants in a way that respects family and cultural traditions.

The principles of inclusion, cooperation, collaboration, dynamism, integration and equality are incorporated into City planning, decision-making and service delivery.  The City works closely with its community partners to make this vision a reality.

For more information, please contact:
Alan Hill
Diversity Coordinator
Community Social Development