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Accessibility & Fee Subsidy

Richmond Centre for Disability

Richmond Centre for Disability
100-5671 No. 3 Road,
Richmond, BC  V6X 2C7
Phone: 604-232-2404
Fax: 604-233-2415

The Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD) is a not-for-profit charitable organization, whose purpose is to enable people with disabilities to participate in the community to the fullest extent of their abilities and to improve their quality of life by working for inclusion, independence and empowerment.

The RCD Board of Directors is an advisory committee to the City of Richmond that creates education and awareness about issues and barriers faced by people with disabilities including housing, transportation, recreation and community accessibility. The RCD works with City staff, government agencies, developers and businesses on these issues.

The RCD operates the Resource Centre, with the support of the City of Richmond, which offers direct services to people with disabilities, their families and the community. Assistance is provided to individuals with disabilities or chronic health problems in order to enable them to achieve greater control over the decisions that affect their lives. The centre offers the Independent Living (IL) Program that includes the following services and activities:

Information and Networking Service
The RCD specializes in Information and Networking Service pertaining to disability and accessibility issues by providing clear and up-to-date information and resources to identify and support creative solutions to daily challenges.

Computer Classes
The centre offers a variety of classes meant to enhance computer skills. These classes include Windows Basic, Microsoft Word and Excel, PowerPoint, Advanced Office Computer Skills, the Internet and keyboarding classes. Individual classes are available for students working at a slower pace.

English Classes
These classes, offered from September through June, focus on the functional and practical usage of daily English.

Access to Internet
The RCD is a Community Access Point for the general public to use computers and also makes available high speed internet, career cruising and assistive devices for persons with disabilities.

Public Education Workshops
A series of financial literacy, health literacy and public awareness workshops are offered throughout the year for members and the general public. View the current schedule on the RCD website at

Disability Awareness & Sensitivity Training
The RCD hosts specialized training to raise accessibility awareness among businesses and organizations on how to better accommodate and serve customers with disabilities.

Life Skills Training
This training course, conducted in Chinese, aims to increase participants' knowledge and ability in skills necessary for everyday life.

Volunteer Training
RCD provides training for volunteers who are interested in working with persons with disabilities.

Peer Support Groups
This are special support groups for various individuals including Chinese Support Group, Youth Support Group and Mom's Club.

Recreational Activities
There a many opportunities to meet new friends and have some fun. Activities offered include Knitting Club, Creative Arts Club, a martial arts and self-defence course, Tai Chi, Singing Club, Table Tennis, Chess Club and Chinese Friday Frenzy. View the current activity schedule on the RCD website at

The centre offers other specialized services and projects including the Youth Leadership Project, Accessibility Parking Permit for persons with disabilities, summer camp for children and youth with disabilities. The centre also hosts the Access Richmond website (, which provides information pertaining to accessibility of businesses and destinations in Richmond.

For questions or to find out more about specific activities, contact and RCD member at 604-232-2404 or