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Trails System Map

Sea Island Recreational Trail

Home to Vancouver International Airport, Sea Island also provides scenic recreational trails, cycling and driving routes along the Middle and North Arm of the Fraser River. This is a popular area for plane watching, walking along the beaches and bird watching.

PDF Document Trail Maps 2015 - Sea Island

Points of Interest

Iona Beach Regional Park
Features a unique, publicly accessible 4 km jetty for walking and cycling that extends on into the Strait of Georgia. An excellent birding area, with long sandy beaches. Picnic tables, washrooms and parking available.  

McDonald Beach Park
McDonald Beach ParkBoat launch, informal trails along the river and views of the river's working boats and activities. Picnic tables, barbeques, washrooms and parking available.

Important! This is NOT a swimming area due to strong currents and heavy use of waterway by commercial vessels.

Please note: A section of this area is also designated "Dogs Off-Leash", please respect the signed bylaw regulations regarding leashing/unleashing of your dogs.

For more information about dogs off-leash, please see Dogs Off-Leash Areas.

Larry Berg Flight Path Park
A popular plane watching location with site art reflecting airport activities.  This unique park was recently redeveloped by Vancouver International Airport [YVR], incorporating interesting flight and travel elements that encourage people of all ages to interact and play. Picnic tables and parking available. To learn more about the Larry Berg Flight Path Park redevelopment project, please visit the YVR webpage.

Flight Path Park