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Scenic Cycling & Trail Recreational Routes

Middle Arm, East and Central Richmond

This 38 km route begins in Terra Nova and follows the Middle Arm Recreational Trail, extending to the North Dyke Recreational Trail along the Middle Arm of the Fraser River. The route loops back to Terra Nova via on-street cycling routes through East Richmond and the City Centre. This route is suitable for both driving and bicycling. If you are riding this scenic route, allow for 2 hours of cycling time.

agricultureThis route provides interesting views of the City from three distinct environments. First, the recreational trails take you along the Fraser River and provide great views of the working waterfront, mountains, neighbouring municipalities and wildlife. The second leg of this route is rural in nature and takes you past large agricultural fields of seasonal fruits and vegetables, providing unobstructed panoramic views of the Coastal Mountains to the north of Richmond. The final section of this route takes you through urban Richmond where you will experience busy commercial areas and residential neighbourhoods.

Exercise caution once you are off the recreational trail section of this route, there are few rest areas along the on-street route and traffic volumes can be high.

Printable Route Map - PDF Document Scenic Route No.6

Points of Interest

No 7 Road PierNo. 7 Road Pier

A restored former barge loading pier, open grass area, woodlot and small beach. Washroom and parking available.

Queen's Canal Recreational Trail
To add on to the existing East Richmond route, follow the interior recreational trail Queen's Canal from the south end of Smith Drive in East Richmond, north to River Road and crosses Westminster Highway. The trail connects pedestrians and cyclists to the northern section of the East Richmond Recreational Trails and the North Arm of the Fraser River. At the north end of the trail there are great views towards Burnaby and mountains in the north and New Westminster in the east.

This trail crosses Westminster Highway and River Road, both are high traffic roadways. Please exercise caution when making these crossings.