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Nature Park

Urban Wildlife in Richmond

Do you ever feel like something is watching you?
Wild animals live in our community - some of them are your neighbours. While you may not see them, they are watching you! raccoon

Some wild animals thrive in a human environment where they take advantage of the food and shelter we provide. These species are highly adaptable. Their flexibility allows them to live among us - often unnoticed.

Many people become aware of their wild neighbours through an unexpected close encounter. A skunk on the doorstep, a raccoon poking its head through the dog door or a squirrel in your attic may come as a surprise. Potential problems associated with your wild neighbours can be averted by understanding their habits and adjusting your own actions to ensure you aren’t encouraging unwanted behaviour.

Good neighbours understand one another and find ways to live side by side. By understanding your wild neighbours you will be a good neighbour for all the creatures that call Richmond home.

The City of Richmond is pleased to offer a variety of  programs designed to inform the public how to co-exist with wildlife and be 'greener' citizens. By understanding the natural environment Richmond residents may take a more proactive role in protecting and supporting wildlife and nature in the community.  Visit the program registration page to find out more!

Snow Geese
Each year flocks of geese visit Richmond.  Some are passing through on their annual migration from Wrangel Island in Russia.  Others end their migration here and spend the winter in the Fraser-Delta, the west coasts most productive estuary. 

The City’s strategy is to encourage snow geese away from Richmond’s green spaces and schoolyards towards the excellent food source provided by the winter cover crops. The City has trained staff who work alongside the RCMP to implement this safe and controlled diversion program, as well as volunteer dog hazors to patrol local fields.

To help City staff better understand the land use patterns of the snow geese in Richmond, please contact the City of Richmond’s Parks and Recreation Department at 604-244-1208 if you spot a significant number of snow geese at a Richmond school or green space.