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Nature Park

School Programs

Field Trip Guidelines
Prepare for your visit:  

  • Make waterproof name tags for students.
  • Arrange transportation to arrive 15 minutes before your program start time.
    Inform staff of any special needs or allergies.
  • Appropriate attire is required. No sandals, high heels or dress shoes. Rainproof jackets with hoods, hats and boots are recommended for rainy days. No umbrellas. 
  • Snacks are not allowed during a program except for medical reasons.  You are invited to snack in our picnic shelter behind the Nature House before or after the program. 

On the day of your visit

  • Parents and teachers are expected to participate in programs by assisting with group management. Parents who do not wish to participate may leave the group and return at the end of the program.
  • Turn cell phones off during programs
  • Refrain from picking or collecting plants or animals in the park.
  • Do not feed the animals.
  • No pets, please.

Program Fees
School program fees vary according to group size and the number of instructors requested.  Fall 2016 program fees listed are based on one instructor per 1.5 hour program:

$70 – 20 students or less (1 hour program)

Primary and Intermediate
$85 per class
Two instructors are recommended for optimal program quality.

Self-guided Program
Looking for a low cost activity to do with your group or class?  Self-guided activity kits are available for teachers who don’t require a Nature Park instructor.  Kits include:

  • An easy to follow teaching guide
  • Detailed map of Richmond Nature Park
  • Nature Park Scavenger Hunt
  • Nature House Discovery Game
  • "Who Am I” activity cards
  • “Eye Spy” images
  • Hand Lenses

Self-guided programs need to be booked in advance by calling 604-718-6188.  Program kits can be rented for $1 per student.

Free Snow Goose Educational Program
Has your class noticed the large flocks of snow geese that migrate through Richmond in the winter months?  Thanks to the City of Richmond’s Community Service Department, a snow goose educational program is being offered free of charge this winter to all elementary school teachers in Richmond. 

The goal of this program is to develop an awareness and appreciation of Snow Geese in Richmond.  This program encourages students to respect Snow Geese as a part of Richmond’s community, and fosters an amicable coexistence between humans and geese. 

The Snow Goose classroom program will be offered November 2016 through to March 2017, and includes a one-hour interactive, activity based program presented by experienced educators.  Our instructors will bring along a full set of props and materials. 

Registrations for in-school Snow Goose programs begin in October.  Programs can be booked Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm, by calling the Richmond Nature Park at 604-718-6188 or emailing

Storm Drain Kits
Help paint a yellow fish symbol beside local storm drains to remind residents that toxic substances dumped down drains may poison fish and wildlife in nearby streams and rivers.  Storm drain marking kits are available to book from the Richmond Nature Park.  They are provided by the Salmonid Enhancement Program of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and are available free of charge. 

To book a storm drain kit, please call 604-718-6188.  Kits must be booked in advance.