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About Richmond Parks

Richmond Parks System

The Parks System
Richmond is renowned for its high quality parks and recreation facilities. The City's park system has over 90 parks that total approximately 1,400 acres.

The Richmond Parks system is divided into three categories: City, Community and Neighbourhood.

Searchable Parks Database
Our searchable parks database allows you to search for parks by name, neighbourhood and/or amenity type providing you with a result list of parks and features that meet your search criteria. To access this database, see Richmond Parks.

City Parks
City parks are unique places designed and developed for the enjoyment of all city residents as well as visitors to Richmond. These sites usually contain major recreation facilities or features of a specialized nature. City parks include Minoru Park, Garry Point Park, Richmond Nature Park, Brighouse Park, McDonald Beach Park, Britannia Heritage Shipyard Park and London Farm.

Community Parks
Designed to meet diverse community needs, community parks contain a wide variety of recreational and sports facilities. Most community parks have a unique playground and some other specialized facility, for example Hugh Boyd has a pitch and putt golf course, King George Park features a beautiful stand of tall heritage trees, a covered picnic area and a waterpark, Steveston Park has a natural wooded area, an outdoor pool and waterpark and South Arm Park has an outdoor pool with water slides.

Neighbourhood Parks
Intended to meet the needs of residents within walking distance of their homes, neighbourhood parks are primarily school park sites with neighbourhood-oriented facilities. These parks are made possible in part due to a partnership between the City and the School Board and are equipped with facilities such as play equipment and lower level playing fields for recreational and junior level sports. Many of these parks have other sports facilities, for example basketball and tennis courts.

Special Places
Picnic and rest areas can be found in places such as London's Landing, the Sports Fishing Pier and the No. 7 Road Pier. For more information, see Exploring Richmond Trails.

Trails and Linear Parks
In addition to parks, Richmond has a 200-acre recreational trail system. For more information about trails, see Discover Richmond Trails and Exploring Richmond Trails.

Park Programs
Sports Playing Field Reservations
All sports groups or associations wanting to use outdoor sports facilities/areas should obtain a field use permit in advance. Regular sports groups should contact their local scheduler to find out about available times and fields. For other information, contact Sports Services.

Community Sports
To find Community Sports information, call 604-276-4383 and then press 4 or see the list of Community Organizations on this web site or in the Parks, Recreation and Culture Guide. Community sports are made possible in Richmond due to the dedicated efforts of a large network of volunteer organizers, fundraisers and coaches.

Summer Playground Programs
Supervised playground programs are offered during the summer months. Consult the Parks, Recreation and Culture Guide or contact your local area Community Centre for information.