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Signature Parks

Garden City Community Park

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Street Address: 6620 Garden City Road
Location: Northeast corner of Granville Avenue and Garden City Road
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Recreation Area: City Centre

Garden City Community Park is home to one of Richmond's most popular play environments.

Innovative Playground

What makes the playground so special? Children, ages 5 to 16, helped design it. Thanks to their input, you can experience new ways to play and have fun. It was created to promote healthy social interaction as well as cognitive and physical development. From traditional slides, climbing nets and swings to natural elements incorporated, express your creativity and participate in physical activity in a social atmosphere.

Walking Trails

The walking trails through the Arboretum, birch forest and around the park perimeter link to the Garden City Greenway and South Arm Community Park via a 'greenway' trail that runs south along Garden City Road from Granville Avenue to Williams Road.

More Fun!

The park also includes:
  • Large picnic area—enjoy lunch outdoors with your family and friends
  • Bike Terrain Park - for all ages and all skill levels
  • Skateboard spot—practice your latest moves
  • Basketball and tennis courts—keep your skills up with a pick-up game
  • Lake—walk across the large bridge and along the water’s edge
  • Arboretum—view the botanical garden devoted to trees from around the Pacific Rim

    The Arboretum

    The Arboretum is one of the special features within Garden City Community Park. This collection of tress has been established in the northwest corner of the park, at the corner of Garden City and Alberta Roads. Since 2001, almost 100 trees of species from around the Pacific Rim have been planted within this two acre area.

    The tree collection has been divided into two groups with the west side trees having their origins in the Asian/Oceanic countries bordering the western side of the Pacific Ocean, such as China, Japan and Korea. Trees growing within the eastern half of the Arboretum are native to the Americas, specifically from regions with a Pacific coastline. Click on the related link below for a complete listing of the tree collection.

    Signs explain each group of trees and provide a brief summary of biogeography, cultural and landscape information. Visitors can gain an appreciation, understanding and knowledge of the tree species that grow within our region. Most of the trees planted to date have been sponsored by individuals and groups based in Richmond and elsewhere within the Lower Mainland. These contributions have been acknowledged on the interpretative signs installed throughout the garden.

    Park Facts
  • Over 17 acres large
  • Includes a public restroom

    Park Amenities

    Basketball Courts
    1 Full Courts, Lighted
    Tennis Courts
    1 Children
    Picnic Tables
    7 Picnic Tables
    6 Benches
    Pathway Circuit
    965 Lime, 703 Paved
    Natural Area
    1 Natural Area

    Special Features

    Bike Park
    Natural Area
    Dogs Off-Leash Area
    Water Feature
    Drinking Fountain
    Caretaker Building
    Picnic Area

    Additional Park Features

    • A botanical arboretum featuring trees from around the Pacific Rim, including Oceanic/Asian regions and the Americas
    • Lake area with large bridge and culvert bridges over the 'slough' area of the lake. The lake has soft, natural edges with water plants along the east edge of the lake.
    • The Garden City Greenway links Garden City Community Park to the South Arm Community park by a 'greenway' trail that runs south along Garden City Road from Granville Avenue to Williams Road.

    Public Art

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