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Design & Construction

Garden City Lands

The Garden City Lands are an extraordinary 55.2 hectares (136.5 acres) of open space located within the Agricultural Land Reserve, in the heart of Richmond, between Westminster Highway, Alderbridge Way, Garden City Way and No. 4 Road. The Garden City Lands will become a major new community park with diverse uses, including urban agriculture, environmental preservation and interpretation, recreational and cultural uses. 

GCL Park Development Plan - graphicThe Garden City Lands Park Development Plan represents the synthesis of the original Garden City Lands Legacy Landscape Plan endorsed by Richmond City Council in 2014, with new science-based recommendations as well as the feedback the City received from hundreds of Richmond residents and the contribution of Kwantlen Polytechnic University regarding agricultural production. Council has approved funding for the phased implementation of the Garden City Lands Park Development Plan. 

To review the Development Plan and an enlarged version of the Legacy Landscape Plan above, please see the following pdf document: 
PDF Document GCL Park Development Plan - PDF

The Park Development Plan key components includes:

  • The Agricultural Lands
  • The Bog
  • The Rise
  • The Nodes
  • The Dyke
  • Perimeter Trails
For more details about the above key components, visit the Garden City Lands Archive page.
    Construction Update
    The work completed during the 2016 construction season included building dyke and associated drainage control structures.


     Drone photo 12.01.2016
    For a full screen view of this image, please click here.

    GCL Drone - North East View
    For a full screen view of this image, please click here.

    In the Spring and Summer of 2017, the following will be constructed as weather conditions permit:

    • Perimeter pedestrian and bicycle paths;
    • Completion of the seepage barrier along the central dyke and along Westminster Highway;
    • Installation of site infrastructure (drainage ditches, storm sewer connections and weir structures, preparation for electrical and water connections); 
    • Placement of soil for the initial phase of farm development (subject to approval by the Agricultural Land Commission);
    • Hydroseeding of exposed peat soils along paths; and
    • Fall/Winter tree planting along the perimeter.
    Construction Video - Drone Footage
    Mid-May 2017

    February 2017


    Press the play button and then the square button in the bottom, right-hand corner to watch the 2 minute Garden City Lands drone video in full screen HD. To move through the video more quickly, grab the "playhead" and drag it along the timeline.

    As sections of the perimeter pedestrian and bike trails are completed, they will be opened up to the public to allow people to experience the exciting vision being implemented at the Garden City Lands. 

    For more information or if you have questions, please contact:
    Research Planner 2, Parks Planning, Design and Construction: Alex Kurnicki
    Phone: 604-276-4099

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    Water and Ecological Resource Management
    Implementation of the plan will be a multi-year process. The City commissioned a detailed water and ecological resource management study to guide the development and maintenance of the site.

    To review the Water and Ecological Resource Management Plan, please see the following PDF documents:

    PDF Document WERMS - Table of Contents
    PDF Document WERMS - Executive Summary
    PDF Document WERMS - Site Assessment
    PDF Document WERMS - Ecological Resource Management
    PDF Document WERMS - Water Resource Management
    PDF Document WERMS - Operations Management
    PDF Document WERMS - Appendix A

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    Garden City Lands Archive 
    Additional related documents and archived resource documents for the Garden City Lands site can be found on the Garden City Lands Archive page.