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Design & Construction

Current Projects

The following design and construction projects are currently underway for new or existing Richmond parks and trails:

Garden City Lands
For more information about the development of the Garden City Lands Legacy Landscape, please visit the Garden City Lands webpage. 

Minoru Park Vision Plan Process
Due to significant recent changes in Minoru Park such as the new multi-use sports fields and Minoru Complex facility, along with the rapidly increasing residential population in the near vicinity, City Parks staff are working towards the development of a Vision Plan and Guiding Principles for the future renewal of Minoru Park. We are currently in the first phase of stakeholder and public consultation during which we are gathering community input that will be used to develop Guiding Principles for Council approval in the Spring of 2017.

Project Goals:

  • Receive community and stakeholder input on Minoru Park’s existing conditions and ideas about its potential future
  • Develop a Minoru Park Vision Plan and Guiding Principles, which reflect the needs of current and potential future park users 
  • Establish short, medium, and long-term objectives and identify priorities
  • Ensure Minoru Park remains a healthy and loved City Centre Area park for current and future generations

Process Phase 1
Process Phase 2

PDF Document Where We Are in the Process Diagram

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Steveston Community Park Playground 
Steveston Playground - PhasingCity parks staff, in collaboration with the Steveston Community Society, are working towards the development of a preferred concept plan for the future renewal of the Steveston Community Park playground.

In the Spring of 2016 a two-phase public engagement process was initiated. Both phases included drop-in style open houses, workshops, and meetings with community members. Based on input received during phase one, two (2) concept plans, which can be viewed below, were developed. In July of 2016, the phase two public engagement, which was aimed at receiving feedback on the concept plan options, took place. Based on input received, City parks staff are currently developing a preferred concept plan for inclusion in a report to Council in the Fall of 2016. Once adopted by Council, the preferred concept plan will help guide future renewal of the playground. The timing of the renewal will be phased and determined by available funding.

Steveston Playground - Phase 2 Concept

PDF Document Steveston Playground - Phase 2 Concept Plans

Tait Riverfront Park Concept Design Review
Thank you for providing your feedback into the Tait Riverfront Park concept design. The survey is now closed and your comments are being compiled for consideration. A report to City Council will be submitted for review and approval.

The project will focus on the City owned park land north of River Drive between No. 4 and Shell Roads. This new 1.2 hectare (3 acre) park, located right next to the river will provide a space for all ages to play, explore, and enjoy the outdoors. The new park will house a basketball court, natural playground, open space and iconic art work.

Middle Arm / Hollybridge Pier
The City’s Middle Arm waterfront park system continues to evolve with new features being added as time and funding allow.  The Hollybridge Pier will become a landmark along the Middle Arm,  and an integral part of the Parks & Open Space plan associated with the River Green Village development that Council approved in 2013. The estimated cost of constructing the Hollybridge Pier is $2,000,000.

The pier will be constructed utilizing steel piles as the foundation, with a combination steel and timber deck surface.  The design incorporates a contemporary look that will enhance the waterfront park currently being developed at the site.  Upon receiving approvals from the Ministry of Forest, Lands, & Natural Resources Operations, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and the Diking Authority, the construction of the pier is expected to commence sometime in the Fall of 2017.

Hollybridge Pier

Minoru Park Latrace Baseball Field
Minoru Park is the home of a multi-use sports facility that includes fields for soccer, baseball, field lacrosse, field hockey, track & field, and cricket play.  The existing 12.2m (40’-0) high backstop at Latrace Baseball Field is not high enough to control errant foul balls from crossing over to the other sports fields and protecting the spectators and pedestrians who are within the vicinity of the sports complex.  In order to host major tournaments and provide regular practice use for baseball, a secondary netting system is required to control and minimize the number of foul balls from crossing over the baseball field.

Since 2014, the area has seen an increase in popularity and usage over the previous natural grass baseball field, including an increase in pedestrian foot traffic as the field and pathway lighting have created a more pedestrian friendly environment in the evening. The project includes adding an 80-foot high baseball netting system at Latrace baseball diamond to protect pedestrians and other field users from errant (foul) balls. The field hosts approximately 80 games per year plus various practices and it is estimated that approximately 15 foul balls per game are either going over the backstop or over the first and third base fence lines. 

Minoru High Mast Netting

Minoru Sports Fields Complex is a unique site that combines a variety of sports together in a 360 degree orientation. The diamond has already hosted 2 provincial championships along with various tournaments and countless games and practices. Richmond’s Baseball organizations and teams all now consider Latrace as Richmond‘s premier game and practice location.

The adjacent photos show an example of a high mast netting system and the current conditions at the site.

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London / Steveston Neighbourhood School Park
In 2015, the City of Richmond acquired five acres  of the former Steveston Secondary School site. This additional park space presented a unique opportunity to engage the public and surrounding neighbourhoods towards the development of a master plan for west side of London - Steveston Park. The larger City-owned portion of the park site (a portion of the park site is owned by School District No 38) is approximately eighteen acres and features a softball complex, four ball diamonds, a small playground and seating area and a caretaker’s suite with change rooms and public washrooms. 

A two-phase public consultation process took place from February to March 2015. Comments received informed the development of a final concept plan which was presented to, and approved by, Council in May 2015.

London Steveston Concept

Implementation of the plan has begun with two greenways that will connect from No 2 Road to the park. Phases two to four of construction will be implemented over time as funding becomes available. Phase two will begin in 2017 starting with detailed design and a phasing plan. Construction of the new park features will begin in 2018.

Park at Cambie Road / Hazelbridge Way
The park located at 8331 Cambie Road is approximately 4.1 acres and located at Hazelbridge Way and Cambie Road near Aberdeen Centre.

The new park is envisioned as a major focal point for the emerging Capstan Village area of Richmond. The plan proposes that the park function both as a neighbourhood green space that provides contrast and relief from the busy urban realm, and as a vital and attractive square for public gatherings and community activities. It will offer a diverse mixture of landscape, programs, activities and amenities for residents and visitors alike to experience and enjoy in a shared setting. 

The park plan features:

  • A new plaza
  • 2 Water features – a meandering water feature leading to a rain garden and an open channel
  • Pedestrian bridge, basketball net, a drinking fountain
  • Planting including many new trees
  • A fenced dog park
  • Concrete and asphalt paths
  • Seating areas with benches
West Cambie Park
This park will serve as the local park for the residents living within the Alexandra area of Richmond.  It is approximately six acres in size, and is bounded on the north, west, and south by Odlin Road, May Drive, and Tomicki Road respectively. Planning and design of the park, and the greenway to the south, will begin in spring 2017, with the first phase of construction is scheduled to start in Fall 2017.  This work will involve grading and land forming, installing a storm water management system, landscaping and planting of  shrubs and trees, and constructing a pathway system throughout the park.


Following public consultation and the preparation of the park masterplan, it is likely the park will contain a plaza, outdoor sports amenities, play area, and passive recreation. The design will have a focus on retaining significant trees and ecological habitat, connection to greenways, and public art.

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