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Partners for Beautification


Under this program, adoptive groups would agree to undertake tree-planting activities within clearly defined guidelines established by the City. The City would have close involvement with this program by:

  • Identifying locations for tree planting activities
  • Developing a species tree planting program including the species and specific areas appropriate for planting
  • Providing plant materials, equipment and assist with the planting to ensure overall success of the tree planting

An adopted tree not only beautifies public spaces; tree improve environment and air quality and enhance property values. You can provide a living and long lasting legacy of a family member, friend, birthday, graduation, promotion, wedding, anniversary, retirement or even the death of a loved one. An adopted tree can be planted for any significant location. You will receive a certificate of recognition for your adopted tree identifying the location, date of planting, and tree species.

For more information please contact the Parks Program Coordinator at 604-247-4453.