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Partners for Beautification


The Adopt-A-Street Program in the City of Richmond recognizes the desire of Richmond residents to have roadside areas free of litter and trash. the Adopt-A-Street program is a means to involve the community as volunteers in an effort to keep Richmond streets clean. As Partners for Beautification the community can contribute to the overall liveability and beautification of the City. Possible locations for Adopt-A-Street initiatives include:

  • Roads
  • Right-of-ways
  • Boulevards
  • Streets
  • Storefront sidewalks
  • Cul-de-sacs 

Individuals, community groups, business owners, schools, churches, strata councils and anyone who expresses interest in adopting a street in the City of Richmond are encouraged to participate. Because of traffic safety concerns, some street adoptions may be limited. Persons adopting a given area for a minimum period of one year shall receive signs erected by the City of Richmond at either end of the adopted area recognizing the individual or groups overall contribution to the Partners for Beautification Program. The signs would remain in place for the duration of the adoption period. Other components of the program include:

  • Challenges to other groups, schools, businesses and or neighbours to see who can keep the cleanest street!
  • Provisions of sponsored garbage bags and litter collection equipment for scheduled clean-ups
  • Volunteer training and safety information
  • Traffic Safety vests for all volunteers on scheduled clean-ups
  • Certificates of participation for participants
  • coordinated garbage collection pick-up will be provided to all groups on clean-up days
  • Storefront Partners for Beautification stickers recognizing responsible businesses who are committed to keeping their parking lots and store front property clean and appealing for all Richmond residents to enjoy

Applications for the Adopt-A-Street program will be reviewed by the City of Richmond Parks Staff. Minimum terms for adoption include:

  • 1 km sections of the Dyke Trails
  • 1 km of City Streets
  • Business parking lots and sidewalk areas

For more information please contact the Parks Program Coordinator at 604-247-4453.