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Partners for Beautification

Adopt-a-Park, Trail or Dyke

A partnership program between the City and volunteers, the Adopt-A-Park Program encourages participants to contribute to the maintenance and care of Richmond's Parks, dykes, trails and walkways. Possibilities include:

  • Litter control
  • Mowing grass areas
  • Watering gardens, trees
  • Edging grass and garden areas
  • Weed control
  • Pruning
  • Reporting vandalism and repair needs to the City
  • Park Patrol
  • Illegal dumping removal

Trail Adopted by the Chandler FamilyThe possibilities of Adopt-A-Park are unlimited, graffiti removal and elements of other adoptive programs can be combined with the Adopt-A-Park program to enhance and maintain our park and trail legacy for the future. The City will help you choose a park, trail or dyke section and provide garbage bags for each clean up, pick up collected litter, and erect signage recognizing your efforts. Contact the City of Richmond Parks Department to find out how you can be involved!

For more information please contact the Parks Program Coordinator at 604-247-4453.