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Partners for Beautification


The Adopt-A-Garden program in the City of Richmond is an opportunity for the community to become involved in the maintenance and creation of existing and new garden areas in Richmond's open spaces and community parks. Richmond is known as the "Garden City" and the Adopt-A-Garden initiative in one way we can enhance and preserve that legacy. The garden planting program would include:

  • Outlying Areas
  • Parks
  • Roads and Streets
  • Boulevards
  • Vacant City Owned Lots and Civic Properties

The Partners for Beautification Program will support schools, strata councils, individuals, businesses and groups who are interested in adopting a garden in the City of Richmond. Possibilities for garden adoption include:

  • Maintenance, general clean-up and beautification of existing gardens on public lands
  • Weed control
  • Wildflower planting
  • Annual and perennial planting and donation
  • Species specific planting
  • Enhancement and landscaping of existing garden areas
  • Development of a central community garden
  • Bus stop areas
  • Development of culturally significant gardens

This is only a partial list of the possibilities for the Partners for Beautification Adopt-A-Garden Program. Participants in the program will be rewarded with signage recognizing the volunteer commitment to maintain and or create a garden area. All participants will receive certificates of recognition from the City of Richmond. Volunteer training as well as varying levels of direction and assistance from City Parks Department staff will be provided. The City would prepare the areas for the participants, i.e. rototil before planting begins. All participants in the Adopt-A-Garden Program will be encouraged and assisted with the development of a regular maintenance and annual planting plan to ensure the success and appropriateness of the adopted garden area. Litter removal will also be a requirement of the Adopt-A-Garden Program.

For more information please contact the Parks Program Coordinator at 604-247-4453.