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Partners for Beautification

About Partners for Beautification

The City Invites You to Participate
The Island City of Richmond, surrounded by the Fraser River, is world renowned for it's diversity and liveability. Residents of Richmond have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of open spaces, trails, dykes, community parks, neighbourhood parks, and clean streets. These open spaces have become our legacy. The City of Richmond is growing, and the demand on our streets, open spaces and parks matches that growth. Partners for Beautification is a unique opportunity for community involvement in adoption programs relating to civic beautification. Residents of all ages, community groups, service clubs, and businesses who call Richmond home can make a difference in the park, streetscape, and dyke legacy that Richmond will bring into the millennium and beyond.

The components of the Partners for Beautification include the following programs:

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Who Can Become a Partner for Beautification?
The partners for Beautification program encourages and challenges residents, business, schools, youth groups, seniors groups, sports groups, strata councils, associations and clubs in Richmond to participate. Only by working together and sharing our collective resources can we make a difference in our common environment - the City of Richmond.

Community building and community pride are benefits of participating. By drawing people together, the Partners for Beautification program can help the City of Richmond achieve its civic vision to be the most appealing, liveable and well-managed community in Canada. Your participation is limited only by your imagination. Everyone can make a contribution to enhancing the beauty of the city.

How Do I Contribute or Donate to the Program?
Participation in the Partners for Beautification Program can happen on many levels. Individuals or groups may wish to "adopt" a specific street, park or area of the dyke, others may take responsibility for things like litter control of a specific area, tree planting, wildflower planting, the development of a community garden. or sponsorship through donations and fundraising. Groups with an interest in the environment may want to adopt an environmentally sensitive area and pledge to habitat restoration or interpretative projects. Cultural groups may wish to celebrate diversity of our community through "adoption" and sponsorship projects. Partners for Beautification is an excellent way for business established in Richmond to connect with the community. The possibilities to enhance and preserve Richmond's open spaces and common areas are endless.

Depending on the level of individual or group commitment to any of the "adoption" programs, participants in the Partners for Beautification Program will be recognized through park, dyke, street, or trail signage for the duration of their "adoption" period. Significant donations will be rewarded with permanent signage recognizing the individuals or sponsor groups for their commitment to enhancing the beauty of the City of Richmond. Every Partner for Beautification will be issued a certificate of recognition from the City of Richmond.

For more information please contact the City of Richmond Parks Department at 604-244-1208, or contact the Parks Programs Coordinator, at 604-244-1250.

Reporting Successes
A new online form is now available to help you provide updates on partnership activities. Reported information will be automatically sent to the program coordinator.

Report Now

A downloadable version of the PDF Document Activity Tracking Sheet is also available. Responses can be sent to Parks Programs Coordinator at