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2016 News and Information

Richmond prepared for winter weather conditions

08 December 2016

With the week’s prior snowfall and the continuous low temperatures, more snow and ice are forecasted to arrive as soon as this evening. The City of Richmond is prepared to tackle the winter weather with its comprehensive snow response plan. City public works staff will be switching to around-the-clock coverage as of noon today (December 8, 2016). Crews will be working 12 hour shifts, laying down anti-icing liquid brine and/or salt on the roads to prevent frost and ice from forming during a snow storm. This strategy will be kept in place until the forecast changes.

The City’s Roads and Construction Services department will be ensuring all major arterial roads are cleared and salted/sanded so emergency vehicles including police, ambulance and fire trucks, public transit and private vehicles can travel through Richmond’s primary routes.

First and second priority routes have been established and will be the first roads cleared. Salting and ploughing activities on third priority routes occur only when first and second priority routes are addressed, and when they can be scheduled during regular working hours (Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). Third priority routes consist of designated collector roads and roads of local significance. To view existing snow removal priority routes, visit

City snow ploughs will keep street storm/drainage grates clear of snow and ice accumulation. Residents and businesses are asked to do the same when they clear their sidewalks to prevent blocking them and pooling as the temperatures warm (as per Traffic Bylaw 5870 section 6.1.)

For more information on the City’s snow response, visit Updates during snow and ice events will be posted on Facebook at and Twitter at

Residents needing assistance with snow removal are encouraged to access the Snow Angels registry. These volunteer organizations have registered to assist the elderly Richmond residents and those with mobility challenges during heavy snowfalls. Candidates in need of snow removal can call Richmond City Hall at 604-276-4000, the City’s Parks and Recreation department at 604-244-1208 or any Richmond community centre. The registry can also be accessed online at Volunteer Snow Angels are needed, especially during weekday business hours. Please call 604-247-4453 if you are interested in volunteering.