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2016 News and Information

Refuelling fire causes burn injury

04 July 2016

As summer is upon us, Richmond Fire-Rescue reminds residents to be cautious around small engines and make sure you turn off all gas powered equipment before refuelling.

A Richmond man was burned in a recent refuelling accident when a fire ignited as he attempted to refuel his pressure washer while the engine was still running. Fire-Rescue and Ambulance crews attended to the man who suffered burns to his hands and upper body.

“Pay attention when refuelling small engines such as lawnmowers, weed eaters and other yard tools,” is the reminder from Fire Chief John McGowan. “Pumping or otherwise transferring gas is the handling of a hazardous substance and should be done with extreme caution. Gasoline is highly toxic in addition to being a fire hazard.”

Richmond Fire-Rescue reminds residents this summer season to be cautious and provides these tips for operating small engines:

Safety Tips

  • Turn off all engines when refuelling
  • Do not smoke, light matches or use lighters while refuelling
  • To avoid spills, do not top-off or overfill gas tanks
  • After pumping gasoline, leave the nozzle in the tank opening for a few seconds to avoid drips when you remove it.
  • If a fire starts while you are refuelling, do not remove the nozzle from the tank or try to stop the flow of gasoline. Leave the area immediately and call 9-11 for help.