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2016 News and Information

Save water, energy and money with Richmond’s clothes washer rebate program

05 October 2016

Have you been eyeing that shiny new clothes washer for some time?  Now might be a good time to change it out because in October and November, Richmond homeowners could receive a $100 or $200 rebate by replacing old clothes washers with a new, high efficiency ENERGY STAR® model.

The clothes washer rebate program is a joint City of Richmond and BC Hydro initiative. Clothes washers are one of the highest water consumers, second only to toilets, for a typical home. They use approximately 21 per cent of indoor household water. Switching to a high-efficiency clothes washer can save up to 64,000 litres of water and 256 kWh of electricity per year.

Those eligible for a City/Hydro rebate must install a pre-qualified clothes washer within a home located in Richmond (lifetime maximum of one rebate per dwelling). Qualifying ENERGY STAR clothes washers can be found at The clothes washer must be ordered, purchased (either paid in full or with the first portion paid) and installed between September 30 and November 30, 2016.

Within 60 days from the purchase date, a completed rebate application must be submitted to BC Hydro, along with a photocopy of purchase invoices/receipts and before and after photos of the old and new clothes washer in place. Pictures do not need to be professional photo prints. BC Hydro will issue a cheque for the total rebate amount of $100 or $200, depending on the energy and water consumption rates of the new clothes washer.

Old clothes washers must be taken out of circulation and disposed of appropriately. Instead of throwing away old clothes washers at the land fill, they can be recycled at the Richmond Recycling Depot located at 5555 Lynas Lane. Alternatively, residents who receive Blue Box collection may use the Large Item Pick-up Program, which provides convenient curb side collection service for up to four large household items per year. For more information on recycling options, please visit

For more information on the City of Richmond and BC Hydro Power Smart’s clothes washer rebate program, visit